Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crochet Edge with Skip Stitch Rotary Blade

This is the Skip Stitch Rotary Blade, a handy tool you might not know about.  Mine was given to me by my dear pal Carmella.  We use it in our service projects, making fleece blankets with a crochet edge for the hospitals.  You use the blade in a regular rotary blade holder, but instead of cutting a line, it cuts evenly spaced holes, perfect for a crochet edge.  It can be used on any fleece, felt or woven fabric, and in this post I used it to edge a flour sack dish towel.

The holes are just large enough for a small crochet hook.  I tie off one end and slip stitch across the bottom of the towel. I use a small hook for the slip stitch, then use my favorite hook ( a well worn G hook) for the rest of the crocheting.

The yarn is from the Hob Lob, I Love This Cotton, Spark. 

Using the slip stitch as a foundation, I half double crochet across, and the next row I start the shell stitch.

You can see my favorite hook, it was my Mom's and a treasure to me.  A special request was made for owls on these dishcloths.

It's a great tool and if you can crochet, you can put a bit of trim on anything.

 The finished product.  Thought you might like to know...
 Have a great day.


Suzanne said...

Oh, that's very cool. Penny, you come up with the greatest ideas and project. I love that tool. It's something I'll be searching for now.

Barb said...

What a wonder! I have a rotary blade that is like pinking shears. I run the blade across the edge of a project so the ends do not fray. Perfect. What will they think of next.

The owls are adorable and I really like the aqua and black on the white. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

how do you do the shell stitch?