Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Year!

This was my blog header when I started blogging one year ago today. Having a year in my life recorded is something that I always wanted to do. I tried with diary's and journals in my youth. My hero is my friend Sue, friends since 8th grade. She faithfully wrote in a diary every night. She can tell me what we were doing, what we were wearing (long dresses, empire waists and puffy sleeves) to every major event in our lives, and minor events too. ;-)  I have some pages, telling of the night I met my husband, and our courtship, but I never really had a record of a year in my life until now. Looking back on this year, I'm so happy that I hit publish that first time.  I'm inspired by so many of you fellow bloggers, and I hope that you'll continue to visit me and comment.  I can't promise exciting posts from exotic locations, but you'll find me home, in English Valley, loving life, my family and all of my friends.  Thanks for visiting.

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savvycityfarmer said...

time flies when you're blogging(er having fun)