Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meeting Brent and Josh...The Beekman Boys

I got an email saying that The Fabulous Beekman Boys were visiting Chicago, and when I mentioned it to my dearest...he said, "Let's Go!" If you don't know Brent and Josh, they star on a series on the Green Network. They are city boys who purchased a farm in New York state. They are trying to live the dream of many, to make a life, be part of a thriving community and earn a living farming. You can find out more about them here. My husband and I had a little adventure. We took the train into Chicago together for the first time.  We walked from the train station to 900 N. Michigan, to William-Sonoma. You'd think with the thousands of people in downtown Chicago, the chance of seeing someone you know is, well, not very likely.  But standing in front of a building on  Wacker Drive, my husband met an old pal and former co-worker.  What are the chances?  After a nice visit, we continued our long but beautiful walk through downtown.  Can I say, with all sincerity, that Chicago is the most beautiful city!!!!  It had been a long time since I walked downtown, and I gawked just like the tourists at my home for more than 40 years.  (I can't claim the last 16 years since we are officially suburbanites.)  I took so many photos, I collaged them for your viewing pleasure.  Back to the boys... The boys did a cooking demo and signed copies of their book, The Bucolic Plague.
They greeted everyone warmly and autographed their book, heirloom seeds and photos.  Everyone who wanted to, got their photo taken with them.  When Tyke and I got to the front of the line, they smiled and shook hands with Tyke, and they signed my book.  They were so sweet, funny and kind.  I got warm hugs from both boys and I was thrilled. Such a great experience, and so much fun to have a "Ferris Bueller"  type day enjoying Chicago, and meeting Brent and Josh. 

I have a William-Sonoma five minutes from home, which is dangerous, I love to shop there, and my husband shops for me there for special occasions.  The one on Michigan Ave. is much larger, and equally dangerous.  I bought a paper pot maker...a devise for making newspaper seed starting pots, and a tiny broom that you use the bristles to test cakes. This display was full of beautiful and useful things for the garden.
I took maybe 10 pictures of Brent and Josh and this was the best one. (Sorry!  They moved around a lot and I didn't want to disturb and use my flash. As advised by my son Jon the photographer.)  Well, like Josh said, a hug is better anyway.

The New Season of The Fabulous Beekman Boys starts Tuesday, March 22nd at 9:00pm on Planet Green, as they say, check your local listings. 

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