Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Like a Lion...

It's one of those March days in Chicagoland when your hopes for Spring seem to have been dashed. My dear SIL Elizabeth brought me some spring..and those cool carnations that look like moss. She says that they last forever. We first saw them at the Flower Show a few weeks back.
Gerber cheerful.
This is a little idea I am stealing from my dear friend Barb from Babs Just a Babblin. She hosted a birthday party for her Mom, and used her Mom's cast iron lamb mold as a decoration. One of those moments when you think, why didn't I think of that! Mine are aluminum, and they are at least as old as I am. (56!) I have no success at getting a decent lamb cake from these pans. They have no face, or no ears, no backside...when they come out of the oven. I gave up a few years ago, but this year I'm gonna try again...not on Good Friday, or Holy Saturday when the pressure is on. Maybe next Tuesday...I'll read the detailed directions my friend Jean sent me, and have a go of it. (Monika, the ribbon from your gift was perfect for my lamb, thanks.)
Speaking of dear Barb...We are going to meet for the first time this Saturday! Barb lives in Michigan and we've become friends through our blogs and emails. She is an excellent cook, baker, and she sews and knits, loves vintage and is of Polish heritage. I am so excited to meet her and see her smile and hear her great laugh in person. I don't know if she really has a great laugh, but I bet she does!  Sometimes you just know these things.

In like a lion...still waiting for the out like a lamb;-) Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Love the mold idea! Adorable! ;}

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