Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meet Barb!

The dream of every blogger, (at least my dream...) is to meet people who love the things that you do. Someone that inspires you and sparks your creativity. I found all that and more in my friend Barb, (in black) from Babs Just a Babblin' We met in person for the first time on Saturday. Barb, was coming to town with her sister and nephew. We took a leap of faith, (some people warned us about meeting people we met on the internet ;-) and got together for a chat, a little breakfast and a crochet lesson. (Barb asked me about a crochet pattern I posted on my blog, that's how we started to comment and email each other.) Barb is, as I knew she would be, sweet, kind, generous, quick to laugh and an all around creative girl. She also has the need to create, and we found that we have so many things in common.

Barb came bearing gifts, all in the polka dotted bag. She made me this pretty mat  for next to the sink, a cute little wallet in a burlap bag...of course, she made them both. On the bag tie was a brass locker number and a tiny old key. This lady speaks my language!

She does the nicest work, don't you think?

We talked for a couple of hours and might still be there if time permitted. The good news is, though Barb lives in another state, she has ties to the Chicago area...and with a new great-niece on the way, I hope to see her again very soon. Thanks Barb for all the beautiful gifts, but especially the gift of your friendship. Visit Barb's blog for great recipes, beautiful crafts and a smile every time she posts.

Enjoy this beautiful day! 

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