Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Helpful Addition

Once upon a time there was a dining room, with no dining room furniture. Piece by piece, the room was filled with furniture from other rooms of the house. There was once a china cabinet, filled with Old Country Roses china and a silver coffee service, (The china cabinet is now in the family room holding my collection of white milk glass. The china and silver are in my cedar chest.) a trestle table, then a dining room table, a bookcase...but nothing matched. Not in the good way when nothing matches, but in bad way. The room is small and it was filled. Little by little things got changed up, turned around and mixed up. Then I found a garden style table, glass topped that made the room look larger and not so cramped. The garden chairs were literally a pain in the, you know, they were not comfortable, so out they went. (Really, they are on the deck holding pots, and I think even the pots are uncomfortable!) The chairs to the large dining room table were comfortable, and resisting the urge to paint them black, they remain a golden pine. The small bookcase was replaced by a large but much more functional bookcase. The tiered rack was placed in the corner to hold the my french pots...and this weekend my husband built this buffet. Suddenly it all makes sense. I know some can't abide with raw wood, but right now I love it. It's over 6 feet long with three drawers and two 6 foot adjustable shelves. All the serving pieces I had no where to put, fit perfectly. I even like my little buffet lamps again. They finally have a home.
I love to display seasonal books and decorative items. Six feet to display to my heart's content.
The drawers will hold napkins, table linens and serving pieces that need a home.
The things I use to entertain are right where I need them, and I think it looks great. I know, I know...I still haven't finished my office/sewing and crafting room yet. (Why can't I call it my studio? Arm chair psychologists, what's my problem?) My guests won't venture upstairs for Easter, but everyone will see the dining room.
I have an idea for the wall behind the buffet, but that's another post. Have a great day my friends, and a special thanks to my dearest one who lugged 110 pounds of dining room bliss home for me, and lovingly assembled it without one complaint...a saint, that man's a saint! XXOO

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Anne Marie said...

I think it looks great! I too play musical furniture in the dining room......

I actually have my eye on a new to me cabinet - it's rather old and "built like a rock" type of bead board cabinet, but painted white I think it would HUGE storage...and we all need storage don't we?

have a blessed Lent Penny....
keep in touch!
Anne Marie

Barb said...

What a beautiful piece. Your husband is oh so talented. What a guy?

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

That looks so clean and organized and fresh for spring. You must be so pleased!!!!

savvycityfarmer said...

it's very pleasing to the eye.
you must wander in there and just gaze at it!

be seeing you soon