Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Give a Hoot-Read a Book

Strange title for a post, you might think. My family is rolling with laughter, since this is a family joke, and I was TRYING (think PeeWee Herman when he's "TRYING TO USE THE PHONE!!!"...) to post some photos of an owl all morning. Son Jon works in downtown Chicago, and recently sent me 2 photos of a man holding a great horned owl that was knocked off the building during some regular maintenance. The owl was fine, just stunned to suddenly find himself on the sidewalk, and then wrapped in the hoodie of the maintenance man. Jon sent me the photos, but I wasn't able to post them. Picasa is a moody thing, or maybe I am just inept. (The owl was beautiful, with the largest soulful eyes. I'll try to post it later when techincal support gets in ;-)

Plan B. Post about what I am reading now... Magazines, I can never get enough, and catalogs. Pottery Barn could make a bundle if they sold their catalogs. Country Living, gotta have it. I still miss Country Home , Home Companion and Vintage Victoria. The new Celebrate, so colorful, and a free trial, though I think I will subscribe. I thumb through the Somerset magazines at the book store. Studio, Home, Sew, $$$$$ I just can't unless there is something or someone featured that I have to have.
Just got this great book this weekend. Romantic Prairie Style, by Fifi O'Neill. Featured in this book, local girls and bloggers... Joy from Savvy City Farmer, her daughter Angela from Parisienne Farm Girl, dear Anne Marie of Na Da Farm and Tracey from French Larkspur. It's beautifully photographed, great narrative...inspiring. It's loaded with ideas and has traditional, romantic and vintage prairie styles.
I am drawn to birds. Have them all around the house and 2 beautiful parakeets I have never mentioned in my blog. Blue and Dill are cheerful companions, hard to photograph and extremely messy. I've sewn birds before, but the birds in this book will be a challenge.
I'm rereading this book. I could not, I repeat, could not, live on a farm. And I think cleaning up after parakeets is gross. It's a perfect day for a good book and laundry...plenty of laundry. Enjoy this beautiful day.

To all my new friends and followers from the blogging event, thanks so much for your kind words in the comments and emails. I so appreciate your support.
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Hot House Market said...

Penny~ it was so great to meet you~ I hope we cross paths again soon :) I can never have too many magazines too! I am an addict <3 Your Newest Follower~ Carrie @ Hot House Market