Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life is Short...

enjoy dessert first! This was the request of my son for his "Birthday Cake". A strawberry trifle. So easy and a million possible combinations. This one was yellow cake with "cheater cheesecake" (Philly cream cheese, cool whip and sugar), strawberry pie filling and cool whip, topped with fresh berries. I've made it with lemon, pumpkin, chocolate and usually use a layer of instant pudding. If you ever get a cake that you don't like the looks of...cut it up and make a trifle.
I am making progress. I've filled all my baskets. They are sorted and I know what's in each one. Need some muslin? I've got it... Fleece, flannel, felt? Yes, I'm happy about this.
With the tops in place I also have some display space. Something everyone needs.
I haven't been sewing because of the mess, but now there will be no excuses. The sun is out today and I feel good. I'm starting off the month of March knowing that spring is just around the corner, and so is my One Year blogging anniversary. I don't just feel good, I feel blessed! Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Barb said...

Boy that does look yummy! Did you save a bite for me?

Great progress on the organization. I love all the baskets. I need them too.

Happy blog-aversary! One year. Good for you.
Keep up the nice work!