Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Winter Fun

We were delighted to see these beautiful Siberian Huskies at Starved Rock.  They were there to raise awareness on a cause called Free Spirit Siberian Rescue.  They gave demonstrations with these working dogs, and pulled a sled through the park.  How perfect for a 20 degree day in nature.  They are a beautiful breed, and this organization, huskyrescue.org, helps to save strays, abused, neglected or otherwise abandoned animals. 

It was a beautiful winter day, the sun was warming our spirits and good friends always warm my heart.


I saw more songbirds at this feeder than I've seen in years in my yard at home.  Darn cats!
Did you happen to hear the news last week of how many of our wild birds are killed by cats each year? 
I could have stood and watched these beauties for hours...

but we were there for a little hike.  All these stairs!  Going up is fine for me, it's the going down that hurts.
We walked a trail to Lover's Leap, and nobody took the leap, thank goodness.

I look like Gulliver in the land of  Lilliput!  These two I've know since 8th grade...
Just ten years ago...LOL 
This one, oh the things he does to make me happy!  Thanks babe for the best day.
Thank you to my dear friends, another 39 years...that's what I wish for all of us!
Last week I made, well actually poured some soap.

After having the goat milk soap base for over a year, it all came together in one crafty afternoon. I melted the soap in the microwave, and added organic lavender and dried orange peel and some essential oil, then poured the melted soap into these molds.  I had a bit left over so I used this silicone cupcake mold to finish off what was left. They turned out so fragrant, with a real soap texture, unlike other melt and pour soaps I've used in the past.  I gifted a few to my girlfriends and to our dear Charlotte for herself and her sweet Mom.

The silicone cupcake mold worked really well.  I'm not a fan of baking in this,
so I'm glad to have another use for it.

I wrapped a few of my favorite Yardley Old English Lavender bars for a few Valentine gifts.  They are so fragrant that you don't need to unwrap them to enjoy the scent.  I made some at Christmas and everyone really liked them.  These have a tin heart and a Tim Holtz key on each. 

I mounted a couple of the hearts I made with the air dried clay.  Sorry the photo is wonky, but I really like how it turned out.

More snow is expected today.  I confess after all my shoveling and hiking this weekend, I started my day with a couple of Tylenol and a hot shower to help with the stiffness. Old bones...  I enjoyed every stair step and every shovel full...I am part polar bear you know! ;-)

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends, and thanks so much for stopping by.

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Lynne said...

Love the photos of your Winter Celebration Day!

Please, please . . . I want to make soap . . . do you give instructions?

Lynn said...

That looks like the best day out ever, Penny. Gorgeous park.

Debby said...

Looks like some great fun in the wonderful outdoors.....cold but fun.
Love your soaps. You are a great wrapper.

Anonymous said...

Once again you were my backyard at Starved Rock. A beautiful place no matter what season. Suzan