Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three years ago today...

Three years ago today, I went to a Illinois blogger event.  This event changed my life, and as a result of who I met that day, I started my blog.  This is Annie. I wish I could remember what she said to all of us that day, but I know exactly how she made me feel.  She was funny and spiritual and warm and wonderful.  I knew that I would blog after she spoke.  I felt empowered,  and she made me feel that way.  I met other amazing women that day too, but Annie left us, literally months after we met.  Her friendship is one that I will always treasure and also have some regret. We didn't have much time,
 but she made such an impression on my heart.

Traci and Suzanne
Wonderful, talented and sweet Joy

Cindy, Joan and Jayme


That's Jen Rizzo, peeking out.  She's organized a few get togethers for Illinois bloggers, and has had such great success with her own blog and business.

Other girls who were there but not in my photos, Rebecca, Tracey, Anne Marie and Amy who hosted us in her beautiful home.  A who's who of Illinois bloggers.  I was so scared and excited, but I gained the confidence I needed to step out on the cliff and jump into blogging. 

I've made more amazing friends since then, but these great women will always be special in my book.  My blog hasn't changed very much since those first awkward posts.  I tell my stories, share my life, my projects, my thoughts.  I am so proud that I have three years of my life chronicled... I always admired my dear friend Sue, who journaled every night for years.  She is the keeper of our youth, and now I am the keeper of this so satisfying time in my life.  I'll call it the Autumn of my life...colorful, bountiful, a little crunchy at times but so beautiful...I can't believe it. 

Note: If I didn't have a link to a name, it's because they have a private blog or are no longer blogging. I hope I got all the links right..especially the Traci and Tracey.;-) I also added a link to Annie's blog...a comfort to visit, and a small glimpse of what we lost.
Thank you for stopping by today. I so appreciate your warm comments and friendship. Enjoy this beautiful day

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Barb said...

So delighted you took that step.......you're such a delight!

Lynne said...

I loved this Penny . . .
I hadn't met you yet when I met Annie, through Barbie . . . though you, soon after she died.

I was inspired then, as I feel inspired now.

You write a beautiful story . . . I loved the mention of your
"life chronicled" . . .

Blogging, creating, learning, enjoying, seeing, is truly a gift!
Penny is a gift . . .

Debby said...

Penny, will you be going to this. I saw this and thought about trying to go. What all happens. It sounds like it is just for the morning? Can you email me what happens. grammypetals@yahoo.com

Suzanne said...

Penny, you are so special. Thank you so much for posting this tribute to someone who also changed my life.

I only met once - on that day of the blogger get together, but she glowed with something that I knew I wanted for myself. She had a certain confidence and wisdom. I remember thinking "I want HER as a friend!"

We all took our turns going around the room, talking a little bit about ourselves and our blogs, or whatever. You were sitting next to me on the sofa. I remember her talking about how important it was for us to support and encourage each other. and that life was not a competition, it was a collaborative effort.

You took a chance and came that day because you wanted to step outside your comfort zone and you were rewarded with Annie's friendship. What an unbelievable story.