Monday, February 4, 2013

Annual Birthday Trip

Here are the usual suspects...Sue, Dot, Ron, My Sweetheart and Kevin.  For the past few years we have celebrated 3 of our winter birthdays by going to Starved Rock State Park here in Illinois to see the eagles that roost near a lock in the Illinois River.
These are friends we've been sharing winter fun with for 39 years!  In fact, it was 39 years ago Sunday that we first went skiing together, and the anniversary of our friend's Sue and Laury's first meeting.
Missed you guys!

The Lodge at Starved Rock is lovely, and they have the best brunch buffet.

So cozy.

Quite a spread. This is just  the desserts.

Just loved the mantle and the eagle photos.

My dearest noticed this cabinet and pointed it out to me. I told him I never loved him more that right that moment...   What guy notices a cool old cabinet?  Sigh...

More tomorrow...

 Just wanted to give credit where credit is due to the creators of these beautiful hearts.  First this beauty is from Genie from Climbing the Digital Mountain.  It is so lovely, so many sweet touches...Thanks Genie!
And the garland is from Carol from Art and Sand.  She also made the cute little bag holding the tiny hearts.  I have this garland hanging on my china cabinet and it looks so nice.  I am so grateful for all these amazing women and their generosity.  When is the next swap?  I'm ready!
Shoveling snow this morning, YEAH!!!  I've waited and waited for this.  I actually put on Christmas music as I shoveled to thoroughly enjoy the whole experience.  Call me crazy, but I love snow!!!
Back tomorrow with the rest of the story of our little trip, and some crafting I did, and how I managed to sleep through the halftime show and the whole second half of the Super Bowl. ;-)

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Lynne said...

Love your birthday celebrations going on for 39 years.
A Jack Benny celebration, this year! Great memories! The lodge buffet looks better than wonderful!

Happy you have some snow to shovel . . .
Gotta love a gal who loves snow and loves to shovel!
Love, Lynne

Art and Sand said...

I was reading your blog after receiving an e-mail from you. Imagine my surprise when I came across my little valentine banner. I thought it looked similar to what I made and then I realized it was.

I have yet to receive my heart items. Debby is wondering why I haven't gotten them yet because some other Californian's have.

I too am up for another swap!