Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update

Did you watch the Grammy's?  Best of show had to be Justin Timberlake.  He is , dare I say, a old fashioned entertainer.  Of course his songs and style are new, but he is an all around entertainer.  He sings, dances, is so funny, a great actor...the whole package.  I cranked up the volume and really enjoyed his performance.  I also loved the Lumineers, the Amazing Mumfords, actually Mumford and Sons.  It was nice to see Dave Brubeck being honored.  Anyone of a certain age that grew up in Chicago will recognize his song Take Five as the theme for the Late Late Movie on WGN.  Takes me back to sleepovers with the girls and my brother Tony coming down the stairs in the middle of the night...stepping over my friends filling the living room floor...on his way to make a bottle for my first niece...who is now 40 something!
Then they showed the memorial reel...
OK, when did Marvin Hamlisch die?  I texted Kris with the sad news and her reply was
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Misty water colored memories...  Thanks Marvin!

We watched Downton Abbey, burning the midnight oil.  The joy of watching in bed with a spouse that is actually interested, gives me much joy.  I really liked the humor in this episode, especially with  topics that I imagined were never spoken of. 
The conclusion already upon us...It's been a nice way to end the weekend.

We were still enjoying the beauty of the snow, and a brief glimpse of the sun.

Did a little thrifting, and scored another shower curtain, the same kind
that I used to make pillows for the kids at Christmas.
This one is for Kris who loved the print. 

Clipboards... I am now also collecting for son Jon, the silverplate forks to add to my someday metal stamping project.  With a hubby who works at home, it's hard to pound and tinker as he conducts business in the next room.  Maybe I'll try outside in the spring.

 A photo frame and mirror for a small girl's photo...

Made in her hometown, of Brooklyn.

This week, an anniversary of sorts, Valentine's Day, an old woman celebrates, a few surprises..stay tuned!
Enjoy this beautiful day my friends and thanks for visiting!

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Lynne said...

I thought Justin Timberlake was fantastic. I love his "moves!". In fact, I would say the this was best Grammy Show ever . . . entertained, I was!

Lynn said...

Only one more episode of Downtown Abbey . . . big sigh.