Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Trip to NY

We haven't visited NY since the birth of our granddaughter Penny last year in May.
Since we had a long weekend that included Valentine's Day, my birthday and President's Day we got into the car and headed east.
The weather cooperated for most of the day.  We had cloudy skies, but some sun peeked out now and then.  We were well equipped for the road...  Plenty of Cd's, books on Cd, snacks and drinks in the cooler.
Because of bad weather we stayed overnight at the edge of Ohio, just a few miles from the Pennsylvania border.  Heading into the mountains in a snowstorm, with a tired hubby is not a good combination.  We headed out bright and early the next day to resume our travels.
Between this rail and cement barrier is the trail.
We passed this spot called the Delaware Water Gap.  It's on the border of  New Jersey and Pennsylvania where the Delaware River cuts through a large ridge in the Appalachian Mountains.  On one trip we saw a lone backpacker come out of nowhere and head back into the forest.  We wondered where the heck he came from and where he was going.  Well now we know...

That backpacker was on the AT, the Appalachian Trail.  At the bridge of the Delaware River and I80 the trail actually follows the highway...
and disappears back into the woods.  I've mentioned my fascination with the AT as hikers call it.  I've read books about it and many things on the web about it. 
The book, A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson was my introduction to the AT. 
I will walk some of the AT some day.  When I say some, I mean a couple of miles.  Until then we have chosen our trail names.  A John Denver song was the inspiration...any guesses?

The landscape is so pretty and calm, even in New Jersey which is actually a very beautiful state...
but then comes NYC!  I can feel my blood pressure go up just crossing into NY.

The amount of cars increase...a bunch of bridges to cross, tunnels to travel through... all to get to see
our sweet p. 
Tomorrow, the littlest New Yorker.  Have a great day my friends, thank you for dropping by.

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Sarah said...

Penny, happy birthday to you. Look forward to seeing more of your NY trip. ~ Sarah

Barb said...

So happy you took to the road for a swwet p fix!

Jill said...

So glad you got to see your little angel again!

Lynne said...

The AT you say . . . always learning more about you Miss P!

I am looking forward to some pictures of the meeting of Miss P with Little P . . . two P's of a pod . . .