Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Littlest New Yorker

See that scowl, that's our granddaughter Penny, the littlest New Yorker.
On the day we arrived we went for a walk in Kris and Doug's Brooklyn neighborhood.
They took the day off for our arrival, thanks guys!
We ended up at a small  Italian restaurant.  Penny is a very good baby, so patient, but she has a New York attitude.    She lightened up when they brought the food.  Grandma shared her just baked bread with Penny.  She just popped two new teeth, now the total is four, and she can officially bite.
We shared my chicken Parmesan with spaghetti.  It was a first for her and she loved it.  In fact I got some looks when I tried to eat some!  Luckily there was plenty and even Grandpa got to share.
It was a small place, not too many patrons.  The music was good, so Penny and I stood next to the table and we rocked to the music.  I have never been more comfortable in a restaurant...a proud grandma holding her sweet p.
My worries about if she would know me were for naught.  She just woke from her nap when Doug brought her out to me.  She looked shocked to see me, but came right to me...sigh ;-)
On my birthday, Kris wanted to take me to Tinsel Trading...Martha Stewart's favorite store in NY.
This was the traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Yikes!  Kris thought since it was the weekend we would have no problem parking...well, 2 hours later we had not found a single space or a garage that would take our over sized SUV. It was Fashion Week and the store is in the garment district.  I did see Tinsel Trading, I was this close...but it was not to be.  There was no way we could leave my dearest, or a safe place to exit the car with the baby in tow.  Another time Kris, but thanks for trying!

Bridges, bridges everywhere.  This is the Manhattan Bridge.

This is the Williamsburg'd I do Kris?

I've been in downtown Chicago a hundred times, nothing compares to traffic in Manhattan.
And not to be snarky, but it's nowhere near as beautiful or clean as Chicago.
We capped the day with a trip to Ikea.  Taking advantage of having our large truck at their disposal, Kris and Doug purchased a new area rug for their living room.  More comfortable crawling space for this little one.  She looks so serious in these photos, but this girl loves to laugh.  She loved watching all the children who were shopping with their parents.  Penny laughed out loud at one family's kids.  She gets so excited just to hear a child's voice.  We waited a good 45 minutes in line...if there were a well behaved child award at Ikea, Penny would have been the recipient.

More to come.  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day my friends.

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Lynne said...

I can't image living there, but then there are those who say,
"how can you stand living in the country, the woods, etc".

Little P is so cute with her "attitude stare.".

Happy days, for all of you, I am sure!

Jill said...

I LOVE that little face!

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