Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Own Winter Wonderland

It's not unusual to have snow in February in Chicagoland,
but it is strange to have it be our first real snowfall of the winter.

It's sunny today... but just the calm before another storm
expected tonight.

Our kind neighbor goes down the block with his snow blower.
After shoveling the driveway a couple of times, I really appreciate the help.
Doesn't everything look sweeter with a covering of snow?

While it's cold outside it smells of summer inside.  All the herbs and rose petals I dry each year go into a basket.  Then when I'm ready...OK, it's long overdue, I strip all the leaves and buds off the lavender and other herbs.

Then mix them all together.  Now,  I am displaying it in a jar.

Just open the lid for the scent of summer. A special gift, when spring is still weeks away.

Take care my friends and thanks for stopping by.

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Lynne said...

Get ready Penny, more snow on the way. Love your Potpouri jar . . . take that lid off and blow the scent to Michigan!

Lynn said...

Penny, it’s as beautiful outside as you make it inside. Enjoy!