Thursday, January 31, 2013

Straight from the Heart

I received my package of hearts from the heart swap from Debby at Cozy Blanket.  I was amazed at the beautiful work and amazing touches on every heart. This one is from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing.
The beautiful embroidery makes me swoon. 

Can you imagine?  Such beautiful work and a heart I will treasure.  Thanks Elizabeth!

This is my mystery name.  French knots galore, buttons, trim...

Just lovely.  I hope to find out who the creative and talented maker of this heart is, so I can thank her.

This is from Holly at Cotton Pickin Fun.  Holy smokes, Holly went all out.  The little bird with the addressed letter and the tiny bunny that you can take out, just awesome.  I am going to have to attach that bunny to the heart or he might just wander off,  if you know what I mean. ;-)  Thank you Holly, your work is beautiful and I so appreciate all that went into this special heart

Too sweet! My sweet p. loves this bunny as he visited with her during our face time this morning.

Oh my, can you believe the work that went into this heart.  Beading and trim, flowers and a bit of sparkle.  This heart is from Linda at Lutka and Co.  Thank you Linda, what a gift.

 So special.

This little bag is so much fun.  It's from Carol, from  Art and Sand.  Carol is living the dream of a little cottage by the sea!  I just love this stamp Carol used on this muslin bag.  I told her it reminds me of Wilson, from the movie, Castaway, one of my favorites.  The bag was filled with these small hearts...

 Thank you Carol.  Just a quick peek at her beautiful blog and I am hooked. 

This pretty and sparkling garland is from Debby at Cozy Blanket our hostess with the mostess for this swap.  Thanks Debby for all the work involved, but mostly for your friendship.  This is a lady filled with love and joy and shares it with so many.  Debby used so many pretty papers, buttons and that special ingredient, LOVE!

Bringing hearts together from all across the country.

 Another mystery gift.  This paper book page garland is right up my alley.  Decorated with the word Love and glitter hearts.  I am overwhelmed by the generosity of these sweet girls.  Thank you, Thank you and Thank you once again. 

Snow and Cold here in Chicagoland.  Cozy and warm inside.
Have a great day my friends and thanks for stopping by.

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Debby said...

Ok, I have some explaining to do.
Your first mystery heart if from Genie of Climbing the Digital Mountain. The second mystery heart is part two of Carol's Art and sand. She did the garland and the little hearts.
Thanks for posting. I am going to list those that have posted so that you can see all the hearts. You girls are much better at pictures than I am. Thanks for being in the swap....this has been fun.

HollyC said...

Oh Penny! I just absolutely love my Valentine!! You are the best! I love vintage papers:books and sheet music. I also love the textured paper. Did you do that "texturizing" to it? And the little jewel at the bottom. I love that extra touch. I received your sweet email and it brightened my day. Thank you so much for the Valentine!! Have a wonderful crafty night, Holly

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I just loved seeing all your hearts from the swap. What amazing talent! I love them all. So pretty!!! I bet this makes Valentine's Day so special!

Lynne said...

Lovely giving, beautiful hearts and my oh my . . . such talent! Fun swap . . .