Monday, January 21, 2013

Open Water

January 20th the temperature is 12 degrees.  We took a long awaited Sunday drive to Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  Usually this time of year the lake is dotted with huts and ice fishermen,
 but not this year.
Our crazy weather has kept the ice from forming, so all we saw was open water.

There were some signs of snow in patches along the road and at the edge of the lake.

It was a beautiful brisk and windy day.
 It felt so good to be out and about.
We drove in via a back road,
a different view of the lake than from the main drag.

It was sad to drive out of town to visit Joe Pesche's...anyway that what we call it ;-)... to it find it closed.  They are usually opened all year, with a great gift shop and greenhouses to peruse.    There had been a fire and the large greenhouse was destroyed. The parking lot was filled with cars and trucks, and the sound of power saws came from the work going on inside.
Hopefully the next time we visit they will be back in business. 

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of it's own.  --Charles Dickens

I love a winter weekend. We came home and I made a big pot o soup.  Then the kids came home with bags from Sonic.  argggggggggg.   Can you say soup all week?  I'll have company on this Martin Luther King and Inauguration Day.  How poetic for these two days to converge...

I actually did some crafting and a little thrifting this weekend.  Show you some of that soon.

Off to start a busy week.  Thank you for dropping by and for all your kind comments. 

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Debby said...

I'd come and have some soup with you. Stay warm. Very cold here as well. We have had a beautiful snow today and just enough to cover the ground and the roads. Have a great week.

Lynne said...

Brrrrr . . . It is cold, ten here right now. I am loving it . . . It has been snowing since yesterday morning. The shovel queen is back in action!

How about you, any snow? That lake affect kicked up and we are once again in a "white snowy world."

Jill said...

It's only -7 here today! And that's pre-windchill. :)

Glad you had a nice day out and about!

Lynn said...

What wonderful day you had out. It may have not been the icy wonder you expected but ah, a big pot of soup on the stove in winter fill all sort of senses. Looking forward to your flea finds.