Friday, January 25, 2013

Love and other things...

After seeing the success of my friends Barb and Lynne had with air dry clay, I thought I'd give it a whirl. 
I have been collecting cookie molds for 25 years and have yet to make a cookie with them.  I used to make paper casts, wax sachets, cinnamon dough sachets...and now paper clay.

I used a rolling pin to roll out the clay on parchment paper, then lifted the clay onto the mold and pressed all around with my fingers to release any air trapped under the clay.
I am not a patient woman when it comes to crafting, so I put them in my oven at the warm setting...
about 140 degrees

Some I just cut with a cookie cutter and stamped with a rubber stamp.
They are cute to look at but fragile. I am giving them several coats of clear glaze...but since it's been so cold, I have to wait for warmer temps since I don't spray in the house.

Here is one of my actually completed hearts.  The bookmarks are hand sew. 
Like molasses on a cold cold day...I am poky and hope to have a few completed before February sneaks in next week.

Some busy work...

 I wanted to try to make some impressions into the clay, as I did back in my ceramics period.  Look at this score.  All these doilies for .49!

 It makes me want to cry to see some one's handiwork go for .02 a piece.  I throw a Thank You out into the universe to the loving hand that made these.  They are admired and appreciated.

This little pitcher, or planter I thought was a steal at .99.  Then I literally spent hours chipping away at the foam that these flowers were set in.  They used the spray foam, the insulation kind, and it was a solid block I was bound and determined to remove. I'd work on it a little and think, heck this is too hard for the buck I spent...but then would go back to it.  The last few inches were the worst, then I stuck a fork in the foam and it popped out clean as a whistle.  I wonder about my sanity, but I felt such satisfaction.  Maybe some time on the "couch" is in dear friend, (She helps me sort out the universe) time for a long talk! :-)

I almost forgot to mention...SNOW SNOW SNOW.  We finally got some.  Not enough to shovel, but the ground is covered. 

Last but not least...Penny can say HI!  It started with just a sound that sounds like hi, to an avalanche of  Hi's.  I got it on video!  Kristen, her Mom said hi at 6 months.  I just walked by her little chair she was sitting in and she said HI!  I could not believe it. I think Kris is in trouble...when Kris starting talking, it was like a dam had burst.  The questions, the stories and if I wasn't paying attention, she would turn my face in her direction.  Oh the pleasure of watching my daughter and grand daughter interact.  Have I mentioned Kris is a great Mom?  Well she is.  Penny is 8 months old, oh how I love that baby girl.  Where does the time go?...

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.  Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind comments.  It makes my day.

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Debby said...

Oh I like all your little heart projects.
We are under a Level 2 emergency. The first in the state of Ohio and I am worried about the mail not coming and bringing me packages of hearts......I am bad.
My son said "Hi" when he was only 6 months old. I think it was because every time I would walk by him I would say it to him.
I don't think I would have been as patient as you with that foam.

Lynn said...

You have been busy as a bee, Penny. Loved seeing all your treasures. Happy weekend.

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Such pretty creations. I made some of these a while back. I had wanted them to be used for tags. Only problem was that I did not make the hole at the top large enough to thread anything through it! Live and learn. So I made some more the right way, but you are right, they are so fragile! I never glazed them as I really liked the chalky whote appearance. Keep saying that one of these days I'll make some more....very exciting about Penny! Same here, once my kids started talking (all too early) they never shut up! (I say that as only a mother can say, with great love, of course :0 ). The snow sure is pretty, isn't it? Stay warm!