Thursday, January 10, 2013

Valentines in Progress

I've been making slow progress on my Valentine crafting. It took a while to clear the decks of all things Christmas and the album I made for our little great niece. The good news is, I only bought photo corners and the album...the bad news is I can make albums for years on the supplies I already have! The same goes for Valentine supplies...need some felt hearts? I have em! I have an idea to get rid...I mean share some supplies. More on that in a later post.

Have they scared the stuffing out of you with all the flu talk? I didn't feel well yesterday after a fitful night's sleep, so I was prepared for the worst. After a couple of Tylenol and a nap, I made dinner and we went for a walk. I was so happy to feel better since this flu talk is making me paranoid.

Our Charlotte is finally back at her home after 5 days in the hospital. It was not the flu and all the tests are not back. She is so happy to be home. We are all so grateful she is better.

I can post photos from Picasa but not from blogger. I know many are having the same problem. I have seen some fixes, but haven't taken the time to explore them. It drives us crazy when things don't work, but I think it's the most amazing thing, Blogging. Making a semi literate like myself an me a place to express myself, journal my experiences and share my very ordinary life...and for free. (except for the occasional fee for Picasa ) I love knowing that someday my kids and grand daughter can look at my blog and see who their Mom (grandma) was, and as silly as I can be, what I was thinking and doing. What I wouldn't give to read my Mom's thoughts and experiences, but alas, she left no such work behind.

Didn't know this post was headed in this direction...but my digressing is legendary!

Have a great day my friends, and thanks for stopping by.

Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

This blogger glitch is beginning to get to me. I think I am moving to Google Chrome. Plus send my Blog to Blurb to make into a book. Paranoid that my chance at author could be lost in a flash. Something to be said for hard copy!

Looking forward to seeing your Valentines . . .

Jill said...

Love the look of your Valentine's project. Stay healthy!