Monday, January 7, 2013

Thinking Valentine...

I don't get out much lately...   So when I did go out last week, I felt a little like a parolee.  I had a few dollars in my pocket and a gift card to spend... so here is what I got...
At the thrift store I was looking forward to Valentine's Day when I saw this wool and cashmere blend jacket.  It's was a small jacket, complete with shoulder pads, but it is red.  Ignore the photo reading fuscia!  Even though I am allergic to wool and the fibers that fly, I seem to have better luck and am not so irritated when I wash and felt the wool.  So that's what I did.  I cut up the jacket...changed my clothes (really, it's that bad) and threw it all into the washer, hot water and detergent...

It was $6, but all green tags were 1/2 off!

Now I have all this fabulous red felt to craft with, for just $3! 

Our dear Charlotte gave me a gift card for Christmas to Michael's. (Charlotte is in the hospital right now.  If you are so inclined, please say a little prayer for this sweetest of wonderful girls.  She got socked with the worst flu like symptoms, and her Mom took her to the ER where she was admitted.  I spoke with her last night and she was feeling no pain, as she was being kept medicated.
 I hope the worst is over...Get well soon sweetie!)
but I digress...
I was able to get a dozen stamps, a embossing folder, 2 rotary cutter blades, (I roll old school and like the
28mm blades, and they are getting hard to find)...some red foil cupcake cups
and a very lifelike sprig of evergreen.  Most everything was on sale, except the blades and I used a coupon.

It was fun to shop and find some bargains, and has set me off on yet another crafting binge.  I'll let you know when I have something finished.

Did you watch Downton Abbey?  I read a few reviews online and found that there are "spoilers" everywhere.  Since the series has already been broadcast in England, you can easily find out what will happen this season if you are so inclined.  I accidentally found out something reading a review.  If you like the series and want to enjoy it every week...DON'T DO IT!   I can't undo what I already know, but it ruins the enjoyment of it unfolding with each episode.  My lips are sealed...and now I can't wait till the next episodes!

Have a great Monday my friends.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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babs said...

Funny I did the same thing....scored a white wool blzaer and a pink wool skirt at the thrift store. 5.00 for both. Lots of hearts in the next weeks!

Jill said...

Love that red and all of your finds! Also love Downton Abby!

Lynn said...

I waited so long for Downton Abby to resume. Last night was wonderful. You could have heard a pin drop in here for two solid hours. Happy week, Penny.

Lynne said...

Brave you are to find a red wool, felt it and leave me/us wondering about your surprise creation. (I hope you are smiling.) Great Gift Card buys at Michael's!

I/we watched Seasons 1&2 of Downton Abbey over the Holidays. I had heard so many positives about it so now I too can jump on the "positive band wagon of praise" for the show! I liked watching the episodes back to back. I taped it last night to watch later because MR IGH wanted to watch something else last night. I let him watch his shows and quietly went to another TV to watch the first episode in the third season. I must admit though, I enjoyed this episode but watching the series with MR IGH was much more fun. Being in the same room, together, watching Masterpiece Theaters, Downton Abbey, was like reading a novel with someone beside you reading the same novel at the same time. Not sure if we will watch the third season each Sunday or tape the episodes and watch them together at the end of the season.

Whew . . . I hope you stayed with me through that extremely long drawn out explanation!

Enjoy creating Penny, Love, Lynne