Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just Us... and Anderson Cooper!

The New Year got off to good start.  A cozy dinner...Nothing fancy but the sparking tablecloth, a remnant from a craft project of long ago.  We had an invitation out, but choose to stay home...

In the last few days, this was the most I accomplished.  With a big bag of library books, pinning Valentine ideas, perusing the dregs of the holiday snacks...I reached a new point of laziness.

We're calling it recuperation.  We did walk, even in the frigid temperatures.  This is my kind of weather, cold crisp...I could walk forever...Not so my husband, and I need his steady hand on the icy bits, or as he calls it, black ice!

As the clock struck 12 we were already in bed.  We heard from all the kids, thanked God for our many blessings and hit the hay!  That's diet squirt in the wine bottle. (I know, we're wild;-) Joy, did you notice the tag I used to dress up the bottle?

I wanted to show you these pillowcases.  I bid on them at our auction, but alas, my dear friend Jean won them.  One day,  before Christmas, I got a package, no return address.  Inside were the pillowcases and a note from SANTA!  The funny thing is,  I made Jean a pair of pillowcases in my favorite Ikea pattern
(birds) for Christmas. (Jean said that she sometimes put the holiday pillowcases I made for her last year,  on in July)  So like a if...I snuck over to Jean's with the box now filled with the pillowcases I made her. I crossed off my address and put an arrow to the blank space where there was no return address, and wrote, return to sender. I stuck it between her doors and ran.

When Jean found the box, it looked like it had not been opened.  She couldn't figure out how it had been returned with no return address.  To make a long story short, she finally opened the box to find my note and her new pillowcases.  That's the kind of friends I have...generous, loving , kind and thoughtful.  Thank you Jean for a great holiday memory and the pillowcases look so pretty on our bed!

Well, another year, a brand new start. Do I have any resolutions? Yes, I mean no...I mean to say NO. I am quick to say yes and then pay the price when I am worn out. I need to accept the limitations of getting older. ( I used to be able to paint a room in a day, move all the furniture, hang curtains and still be able to walk in the more!) I will ask for help, that's a hard one for me. I like to do things myself.  To be a wise Grandmother, to make my sweet p. proud.  To do brave things every once in a while...  like fly, venture outside my comfort zone, visit a National Park, maybe Yosemite. (Stop worrying about cougars;-) Hike a bit of the Appalachian Trail...even just a mile... Visit Penny ASAP...Go into Manhattan, to Tinsel Trading. Walk more, worry less. Always be GRATEFUL. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Debby said...

Love the story about the pillow cases. So funny.
Great goals that you have set. I think you can do all of that....esp. the Penny part.
I am still marinating about mine, hah.

babs said...

Great post, Penny. I love the pillowcase story. I'd love for you to share some wonderful Valentine ideas with me. I,m open to suggestions.
Sounds like your NY eve was my kind of celebration!

Lynne said...

You write beautifully . . , and give me thought and reflection.
I am grateful . . . for you.
Penny . . .

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

your table is simple and elegant. I love it. What a sweet story about the pillow case! Love it.

Lynn said...

Penny, your celebration table is ever so elegant. A far cry from the last minute celebration we had. We had plans too. As evening approach we decided it would be nice to usher in 2013 quietly. Our night was simple (left-overs), comfortable (slippers) and one of the best ever. I like your plans for the coming year and I loved the story. Enjoy!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Penny...what a wonderful exchange you have with your precious friend, I just love that so much! We had a very calm New Year's Eve as well...I cooked breakfast for hubby and I and he just loved it! And you sound so much like me...I used to paint a room, hang the drapes, cook dinner and still do two loads of laundry before bed!!! Now...not so much. I wish you a beautiful, happy and healthy new year sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn