Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Barn Sale at Heritage Beam and Board

When we woke up Sunday morning to a lonely house, with
all our kids back home, we had a plan up our sleeve to ease us
back in to regular life...Road trip!
I read about this company on face book and they
were holding a barn sale.
Off we went to Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

I knew it was gonna be great, but this sign was the clincher.
A handmade sign by a child melts my heart each and every time!

This is the door to the treasures inside...

What is it about a barn that makes me weak in the knees?
It was so cold outside, and inside, except where there were heaters.
The cold wasn't given a second though,
there was so much to see and admire.

This family owned company dismantles barns and uses the
reclaimed wood to make beautiful tables,
beds, sells barn doors and does custom work too.

Of course I loved all the pretty accessories.

Sweet vintage curtains, vignettes on every wall.

Christmas card photo...no.

Love the cubbies, and all the vintage treasures.

Love that mirror!
Doors, windows, ladders...all for sale.

Such pretty things to see.

Sweet ideas...I have that basket and a tablecloth very similar.

Wish I was a better photographer...there were several taking photos
with fancy cameras.

 Notice all the great signs...
all on the reclaimed wood.

How about this timber bed.  It must weigh a ton, and it was stunning,
just like every table we saw.

Well, I'll take one of each please...

That garland, awesome!
Everyone was so nice and friendly, from the children that greeted us,
 to the sweet women that wrapped our purchases.
After I asked the boys what it was like to live on a farm,
one of the boys was telling me a story about the dog catching a mouse,
or maybe, he said, it was a rat...
Just then his Mom came up, maybe she was afraid he was talking too much,
or about the subject matter. So I never heard the rest of the story.
 Anyway, it might have been my favorite moment.

This was their last barn sale, sadly.  They are opening a store in the town of Richmond, Illinois, just on the
Wisconsin/Illinois border.

I bet you are wondering what I bought...to be revealed with my decorations, that are not putting themselves up while I am posting! ;-D

Tomorrow, Northwind Perennial Garden our second stop.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Melanie said...

And here me and Brian were "itching" to go somewhere new on Sunday and couldn't think of where to go! Darn, I wish I had've known about about this place! I'll have to visit their store in Richmond in the near future. That's only a 20 min. drive from my house! Can't wait to see what you bought. :-)

Lynne said...

I love old barns . . . and would have enjoyed this Sunday tour very much! I look forward to seeing, what you purchased!i

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Bummer it was their last barn sale, cuz you know how much I love me some barn sales! Glad you got to see it!

Emily said...

Penny! Thanks so much for coming to the sale—I am glad you enjoyed it. My son will enjoying seeing his sign on the internet! Have a wonderful day!

Emily Krauklis
Heritage Beam and Board