Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fire and Music in the WInter Wood

I saw that the Friends of Northbrook Forest Preserves was hosting a
Winter Solstice Bonfire on Saturday afternoon.
Through all of our errands it was on my mind,
and we thought of skipping it, because of all we had to do.
We both love a fire, and a bonfire, well,
we had to go.

We followed a family down a path into the woods.
We could already see the fire, though it was some distance away.
We took our time, after hubby stumbled, and soon coming from out of the woods, came
this man.  A Piper in a kilt.

When we met, I said, "Did we miss the music?" and he said, "you did."
"What would you like to hear?"  I said, "anything!"
He started to play...  I didn't know that on my bucket list was being serenaded by
bagpipes, in the snowy woods with my arms around my husband,
but there for several minutes, there was magic in the woods.
Of course I cried, it was so beautiful.
When the generous piper finished, I grabbed his hand and thanked him and
wished him a Merry Christmas, and my sweetheart did the same.
We continued to walk towards the fire and Honey interrupted the stillness whispering,
"Do you think we should have tipped him?"
I was crying and laughing at the same time!
The bonfire was huge.  You could feel the heat from 20 feet.  At the ten foot mark we were toasty
as marshmallows.

The flames went up at least 30 feet.

Here I turned my dearest to get him evenly roasted.

What is it about fire?  It draws you in, especially on the shortest day of the year.

There were people celebrating the Solstice.  Playing flutes and horns and
shaking noisemakers.

This photo shows the surrounding trees steaming from the fire.

We stayed and talked about, of all things, the Great Chicago Fire
with several young women who stood behind us.

And when my guy had had enough, or should I say his hip had had enough of
tromping through the winter woods, we headed out.

We were well bundled and not at all cold.

The woods are beautiful in any season,
but so still and calm in winter.

I followed my dear hubby out,

and after a couple last looks at the fire

we were back on our way.  It's moments like these that make life so amazing.  Wishing you
unforgettable moments my friends.  And Love, always Love!

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Barbara Lilian said...

What a lovely celebration, we only celebrate the summer solstice.
have a wonderful Christmas.

Lynne said...

Loved this Penny. You live life right . . . ready for those " unforgettable moments!"

Debby said...

What fun that had to be. I'm glad you have some snow left. So sweet of the piper to play a tune for you.
We had nasty rain and winds yesterday and flooding. I WANT MY SNOW BACK.
IN CASE I don't get a chance later......have a wonderful Christmas with lots more lovely memories. xo

Melanie said...

This is so cool, Penny - I'm so glad you decided to go! Bagpipes would make me cry too, but not because of being "serenaded". Ha ha...

That huge fire is gorgeous, especially when viewed through the stark trees. Beautiful photos.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Wow, what a great story! I can almost hear the bagpipes...! We love bonfires, too. So glad you got to go. Much more fun than shopping, I'd bet! Hope you're staying warm tonight and through the holidays. Merry Christmas, Penny!