Monday, December 2, 2013

Building a Thankful Holiday

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me as I built a special holiday for my family. 
We started with the trestle table my cousin Butch made for me many many years ago.
It had been in the basement for years, but I wanted things a little different this year.
We had a buffet for the first time, just because of space issues and
having two toddlers who need space to roam.

My dearest put it back together for me, and then we started to make the centerpiece.

We have a tradition of making orange and clove pomander balls.
This year we raised the bar and took our carving tools to the oranges before we stuck in the cloves.

It is the freshest smell in the world, making them and displaying them.
Makes me think of my Mom who also made them each year.

I put them on a bed of seeded eucalyptus in this amazing wooden trough
that I have also had for years.  I added a few pine cones and
I think this was one of the prettiest centerpieces ever. 

The last orange was naked as we ran out of cloves!  That was the one
my baby grand ate!

These were the favors.  Tea or little oranges made from candy orange slices.
(My Dad's all time favorite candy...I always remember my parents somehow on each and every holiday.)

These little burlap leaves from Hob Lob were perfect.

I had so much help, baking the bread...
This year my grand daughter really got into helping.
Penny also loves doing dishes. 

Slicing the bread...
Usually Jon's job, Mikey stepped in since Jon was working the holiday.
Doug also helped out, shopping and vacuuming and just being helpful...
Thanks guys!  Kristen was a great help too and it was pleasure to
spend time with my favorite girls.

We really missed Jon and Charlotte, but got to spend a great day
together on Friday with the whole family.
I love hearing them laugh together,
and there were plenty of laughs.

Needless to say, hubby, my hero was just that.
Making my job so easy, giving me carte blanche
to do whatever I wanted, and helping me every step of the way.
He took some time off just to spend time with the family
and be at our beck and call.  Thanks babe!

Just before we were ready to eat, Doug took a couple of photos of the table for me.
He said he would wait until we were finished getting everything to the table and all the dishes were uncovered...I said NO!

We'll never get another chance and I forget every year!
Two things to notice in this photo.
The can of peas and carrots in the bowl...
I make them every year for my brother Greg and forgot...
He got them for his second trip to the table ;-)
The jar of salsa...I put out the chips and never put out the salsa.

Notice the beautiful orchids from Elizabeth,

she also made a watermelon basket filled with fruit salad.
Mindy brought the deviled eggs and Monika the wine.
Best Sister In Laws EVER!

The vat of mashed potatoes was still on the stove...
Some of the hottest things went on the island for safety sake.

The best part of the day, the whole week really, was family.
The littlest cousins...sigh... love was everywhere!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Back to posting. 
A few very cool places to share starting tomorrow.
Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Loved, LOVED, your centerpiece . . . and the clove/oranges. Carrying on traditions gives us "love touches." My mom did the oranges and clove too . . . ahhhhhh, the fragrance!

Great post Penny, I felt the LOVE!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a feast! I was laughing about taking the picture...mine never do get taken because I want to do it when things are uncovered!! Your guy is right!! Too late!

I make the oranges, too. I've never carved them, what sort of tool did you use? They look so pretty as your centerpiece. Last year I made an orange garland but when you dry the slices in the oven, it takes a lot of the wonderful smell away.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you! :)