Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Projects

Little projects, getting things done. I used a dollar stencil from the Wally mart, and a piece of chalk I sharpened in my makeup pencil sharpener. ( need to use that baby for something, right.)

Hemmed the vintage fabric I'll use as a tablecloth on my island this Christmas Eve.

Took a page from my Buscia to repair a hole. Buscia used to regularly burn holes in her aprons by drying them on the space heater. She would take another fabric to cover the hole and sew back and forth, until the patch was stronger than the surrounding fabric. I forgot to mention that the patches rarely matched the apron.
Wanting to save as much of this fabric as possible, I just straightened up the edges, and used a little of what I cut off to fix the hole. It's invisible, really, and saves the integrity of the vintage fabric.

Finished up these flour sack towels. They are a sweet gift on their own, and there are so many people to remember with a little gift this time of year.
I cut a motif from floral fabric and zigzagged it onto the towel. Prewash both the towels and fabric, of course before you cut the motifs.

Some crochet washcloths. I started these for our auction, and didn't finish in time.

Last night we stayed in and enjoyed a cozy night by the fire. Honey indulged me by watching a Hallmark movie and a Christmas special. All I can say is, KELLY CLARKSON!

Hope all is well where you are. Stay warm my friends. Thanks so much for stopping by. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny


Melanie said...

Hello, my crafty friend! Sounds like you're enjoying some Christmas crafting balanced with relaxing with some movies. Can you believe I haven't watched one single Christmas movie yet? Seems my days and even the evenings have been busy and flying by. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! :-)

Debby said...

Anything that you make will be a perfect gift. Cozy fire. We are having a lot of stay in and cozy up evenings with temps so cold. My decorating and shopping sure came to a standstill a week ago and still is. Must get on the move again. Thank goodness for online ordering.

Lynne said...

Love that fire in the fireplace. I did the same here today! Music playing, fire in the fireplace . . . Ahhh, what a wonderful day.

I like your towels . . . busY, busy gal you are!