Friday, October 17, 2014

Daniel Tiger, Beekman Boys and Groundhog Day

 Such a fun project to assemble, my babygrand's costume for Halloween.  Penny loves Daniel Tiger, so we went searching for all the elements to make her the perfect tiger.  I even made a tee shirt for under her costume featuring all the friends from Daniel's neighborhood.  Before I stuffed it all in a box to mail, I filled each pocket with fun sized packages of m&m's!  Being a grandma is so much fun!  Having a little one who gets so excited about everything is priceless!
My dearest took me to Woodstock to see our friends Josh and Brent, aka The Beekman Boys.  It was a part of an creative series at the historic Woodstock Opera House.
 We had the best time.  Josh and Brent spoke about their journey and about overcoming obstacles, viewing life from a positive prospective...all things we need to remember and appreciate about life, especially if things are not going your way.  It was especially meaningful to my husband who is at a crossroads in his career.  
 Hearing the story again about how they started their business, the bumps along the way and their humble
take on the great success of their company Beekman 1802 was inspiring.
 Then we waited to have Josh and Brent sign their latest book, The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook.
Charming, sweet and delightful...success has not changed these guys. We were the second from the last of a long line.  Josh and Brent signed our book and  we talked about Farmer John and crochet of all things and with a heartfelt, " Thank you Penny" from Brent sent us on our way.  I love those guys!

I just wanted to mention that Josh and Brent were leaving for a conference call with Target.  Starting Oct. 26th, Super Target will begin selling the Beekman's Mortgage Lifter Pasta Sauce.  Twenty five percent of the profits go to help struggling small American farmers.  Check it out!
We haven't been to Woodstock's downtown area in years and years.  I had to go to the gazebo and take a photo.  The film Groundhog Day was filmed right there.  I thought it should be mandatory for them to play the Pennsylvania Polka 24/7.  It would also be nice to have a life sized cutout of Bill Murray to take a photo with!

A great day, inspiring, fun and I can't get the Pennsylvania Polka out of my head!

Have a great weekend my friends. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day!


Lynne said...

Sweet post . . .
Next I want to see some pictures of you in a polka!
Tell hubs . . . when you least expect, something/someone comes around the corner and changes things for the better. I know this to be true . . .

Lynne said...
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Melanie said...

I don't know who Daniel Tiger is, but the costume sure looks cute! Sweet P will be thrilled with package that Grandma is sending her, especially with that cute t-shirt and M&Ms. I'm glad you had a good day outing with Tyke. I'm a little too familiar with Woodstock since I worked there 6-1/2 years. ;-)

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

So great that you made the costume, lucky Penny! I didn't know that Groundhog Day was filmed here! Funny, I'm from PA and always thought it was filmed there:) My brother went to Indiana Univ. of PA, which is right near Punxatawney, PA. I just made my kids watch it for family night at the movies.