Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Northwind Perennial Farm

After the Barn Sale we visited one of our all time favorite places, Northwind Perennial Farm.  They are between seasons right now.  Summer is over and they really do up the old barn and buildings for Christmas, but they are not there yet.  Still there is more to see and photograph there, so worth the trip.
If you are not local, check out the website for a taste of what the Farm is all about.  I just love this photo I took...this vignette made me swoon.  The light through the window, the spider webs, the vines.
 Speaking of swooning...

 Cats and dogs and chickens...we saw ducks too.
All peaceful, so beautiful...
 Can't wait to go back at the holidays.
 At Home...and then there were three.  This little orchid makes me so happy.
Before the ride home we stopped at a Goodwill...  I found these glasses and  the spools of crochet thread.
I also scored some wool yarn for Kristen at just .99 a skein (not shown...I tied it up in a bag since I am allergic.)  Kris said it was worth 8 or 9 dollars a skein.Can't wait till these girls can thrift with me.

 There is a Autumn table in my head and these will be featured.
Have you seen the pumpkins made from these kind of spools?  That's what I'll be doing soon.

The clear glass came from a rummage sale we also visited this weekend.  A great $5 bag, but I'll have to show you next time.

Thanks you so much for stopping by, and for all of your kind comments. Helping a friend this morning so I gotta run.  Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Wow it does look like a cool place...love barns. Never been but maybe I will some day. Too far to go in winter for me....Love the glasses too. Funny I just found some wool yarn at GW too, a really nice blue color and I knitted it up in some leaves...and I also found the cotton thread cause I do love the pumpkins made out of them! Have a grand week