Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Literary $5 Bag

At a rummage sale in nearby Barrington, in order to enter the rummage sale you had to first purchase a $5 bag.  This time it was a large black garbage bag. My dearest paid the $5 and into the sale we went. (you could get a refund if you didn't find anything... as if ;-) The house wear was picked over except for a few canning jars and a measuring cup.  I took a small box to hold my treasures and my honey found a cork board/white board combo for his office.  

 I went into the book room and found some beautiful books that are right up my alley... Southern Living Entertaining, Better Homes and Gardens Gardening Book (for Elizabeth, do you have one?), Leo Buscaglia Christmas Stories, A book of Wild Things with beautiful drawings (but musty as heck), a Women's Romantic Poetry Collection, a Victoria Book of  Fathers, a book for Children about the Star Spangled Banner (OMGoodness! I can't wait to display this for the 4th of July),  Ideals with a patriotic theme, and a book called Arboretum America...all about nature and our beautiful country.
  This book is so musty, but I want to copy some of the awesome drawings before it goes into the recycling.

When in the romantic mood...
 This is in the pop up Star Spangled Banner cool!
This little treasure I could not pass up.  We took it out of the frame and cleaned it up, but still needs some TLC.  A lithograph printed in 1975. I first visited Aspen in 1974, it is my most favorite place.  I went there as a 19 year old and remember the days spent there as clear as the high altitude blue sky.  I was so happy to return some 30 years later with my family to share with them the spectacular beauty of the Maroon Belles, the town of Aspen and a bittersweet visit to the heartbreakingly beautiful John Denver Sanctuary. A more beautiful memorial to the dear troubadour of my youth I could not imagine.
This is how I remember the town.  Victorian, quaint and oh so cool.  I think this lithograph might be straightened out with a professional framing. (somewhere down the road...) What else was in that $5 bag?
A sweater and scarf for me.  They went right to the wash, though I already wore the sweater, score!

Off to work.  I need to get over the "hump" which is Wednesday, so I can see another October romp this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.



Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I am having a terrible time getting over that hump myself! Never been to Aspen (just Denver for a ski trip once) but it sounds like a place that's right up my alley. Love the picture and the books. Isn't it nice when you find a treasure for a song?

Lynne said...

I love that sketch of the tree . . . sad it is so musty . . . Almost impossible to remove that odor from books/paper.
More bargain sales/shopping thus weekend?