Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh, What a Beautiful Weekend!

 The temperature was near perfect, the sky that Autumn crisp blue.  Everything sparkled.
 The colors that are still on the trees are awesome.
 We went for a little ride and found a place called Tom's in Algonquin.  Yes, Spiderman was there too!
 We just stopped for a snack...a donut or taffy apple...
  We got the donuts.  It was very hard to eat just one apple cider donut, just out of the fryer.

I was giddy with Autumn goodness.  We listened to music as we drove and I got all weepy from the beauty of it all. It was all just so perfect.
We found a thrift shop that we have visited before, but I was sure it was in one place and my driver;-) thought it was somewhere else.  You just can't get good drivers anymore :-)  Well, if I had a hat, I would have had to eat it.  My driver was correct, (my smarty pants hubby), and was as surprised as I was that he found the store again.  Never doubt your hubby's sense of direction, even if he's called "Wrong Way Willoughby" for a reason!
It used to be a schoolhouse and still has the German charts on the walls.  The woman working there was actually a pupil at the school back in the day.  I found a few little things, but the journey was the important part, and boy did we have a great time.

Sunday we headed for our nearest Super Target to help out our pals The Beekman Boys by buying their Mortgage Lifter Pasta Sauce...except we found the shelf empty!  With the proceeds from last years sales, Beekman 1802 was able to help a farmer by buying him a tractor.  Helping  farmers, even one at a time is something we want to support.   Two weeks ago when we saw Josh and Brent, they asked if everyone would buy even one jar...  I guess folks took it to heart since all we found was the empty shelf.

I spent the rest of my Sunday cleaning off the deck and removing all the dead plants.  So many of my pots are still beautiful, so I watered them and let them go until we lose them to a hard frost.

We had company for dinner Jon and Charlotte.  The guys watched a couple of movies while Charlotte and I
choose sleep and watching a PBS Series, Death Comes to Pemberley...a Jane Austen sequel written by P.D. James.  If you love Pride and Prejudice, this story takes place in Elizabeth's and Darcy's sixth year as husband and wife. It's also available on demand.  Check it out!

Later this week I have a tablescape, a recipe, some thrift scores and a craft project to share.  Thanks so much for dropping by and for all your kind comments.   Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Lynne said...

I so enjoy being invited along on your visual outings . . .
Very nice fall treat for you Penny, me too!