Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Chair and Other Household Musings

Well, I chickened out and bought a slipcover for my pink chair and ottoman. When I thought of all the things I would rather do than sew a slipcover for this chair, I threw in the towel.  I loved this Waverly fabric, and have even made a few things with it in the past.  When I saw a slipcover for my wing back chair and ottoman on clearance at Surefit in this great fabric, I ordered it. It looks a little like an unmade bed...and I love it!
Thought I'd throw in a photo of some Autumn decor.  That's bittersweet from my own vine! I painted and stamped this clearance mirror many years ago.  It's a perennial favorite of mine.
I don't have the tucking quite right and the ruffle is askew in the photo, but I am so happy with it. Babygrand Penny thinks it looks so cozy.  She can't wait to sit in it!  That's what I call a seal of approval!  Another step closer to having the house ready for the holidays.

My SIL Elizabeth found this beautiful embroidered tablecloth for me. It is so pretty with the cornucopias, fruits and veggies on all sides and in the center.  She is an excellent thrifter and is so generous.  So many of the cool things I have are from Elizabeth's thrifty shopping.
Just look at this little lovely.  So sweet and colorful.   Two perfect additions to my large vintage table linens collection. Elizabeth is also an enabler, and I love her for supporting my bad habits. Thanks Betty!

That's what's happening today in English Valley...How are things in your neck of the woods?  Thanks for stopping by...

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.


Melanie said...

Your chair looks so comfortable...a perfect spot for reading, sewing, or just relaxing. I love the vivid colors in your "new" tablecloth that your SIL found for you. Hope you're enjoying these last pretty, sunshiny days!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

We have two wing chairs and I have wanted to cover them in that slipcover for what seems like forever! No Kidding! I have been saving Surefit catalogs for like 2 years now. The time just never seemed right, money-wise (and other-wise lol)So glad you got it! We're getting a new sectional sofa sometime in the next month or two (whenever it "comes in") so I'm pretty excited about that. ENjoy your beautiful chair! I;m so jealous (but in a good way, honest:))

Debby said...

I think your chair and ottoman look great. Not like an unmade bed. Many do but not yours. I love that fabric.
I bet you are excited about the holidays. Will Baby P. and her family be coming for both holidays. How about your son.
Not even sure what we will do esp. for Thanksgiving. We have to do something that includes my mother. She lives a couple hours away. It's hard because we have to go get her and take her home which ends up being on the road all day.
We hopefully will go see our daughter and her family at Christmas. I almost had a ticket the other day. I had a voucher and went to add the promo code and I didn't have the right one. Either it didn't come with the letter or I misplaced it. I always forward anything that needs copied to my husband at work. Neither of us have it. For a person that has over 589,000 emails that need deleted, it should be there. So I am waiting on the airline to answer the email I sent. Since all our family is here now our daughter's family really want us to come there. So who knows.
Thanks for your sweet comments. Life just happens. I have to keep the faith esp after hearing devastating news today about a friend of mine. Her cancer has returned and it's bad Her husband is in the hospital now and has had one leg amputated and they are trying to save his kidneys and the other leg. Things are looking good. They are still in their fifties. Very active and until recently very healthy. I am trying hard to wrap my already stressed brain about this. I really need to get a grip and be strong for those that need me. Sorry to go on and on. HUGS

Lynne said...

"Sitting Pretty" you will be!