Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inside Blumen Gardens

I was amazed with the outside grounds of Blumen Gardens in Sycamore, Illinois and then I was thrilled with the inside spaces.

 We came in from a side door and I didn't know where to look first.  This is the most awesome store I have ever seen.  A dream of vintage, garden, gifts...  I was in heaven.
 Everyplace you look there is something delicious, vintagey and perfectly wonderful.
 The space itself is tremendous in size and scale.
 I just kept on snapping photos that really do not do the space justice.  It's a must see for yourself kinda place.
 That chandelier was huge.
 Just when I picked a favorite vignette, I turned to find another just as pleasing.
 Serenely beautiful...
 OK, this frame thing, WOW, where could I do this?
 I have old fence.  If I hug it on my wall would it be this cool?
 The miniatures...they went on and on.  If our sweet p. was here with us, we would still be there.  So much to see!
 I have to do a beach!  How sweet is that?
 Then we headed into the space we came to see, a venue for parties, meetings and weddings.
 The dimensions were huge with a great industrial vibe.
 I knew that Jon would be a fan of the urban lofty look of it.
 Yet all the cool touches had me snapping away.

 Has a shutter ever looked so good?
Everything.was done so very well.  I just want to go and spend the day.  That's how long it would take you to see every display and all the wonderful items for sale.

It is always so cool to find a new destination, a great place to visit and be inspired.  It's not the venue for the kids, but the trip was so worth it.  I hope that if you're local you will check it out, so worth a beautiful drive in the country.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

Oh that looks like a fun place. I'd love those minis.I want to make a beach theme this year. So easy. I made fairies the last two days since a crazy lightening strike took out our cable, phone and internet.
You will have to do a fairy garden for little P. this year.

Lynne said...

Fun to "happen" onto a new place, isn't it . . .
One to visit again !
Why not the venue choice?