Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rummage Sale Finds

Vintage thermos bottle, sweet!

As promised, my loot from the first rummage sales of the season...

If offered I always take the $5 bag option, unless things are really picked over and not worth getting a bag at all.  The two sales we attended this weekend both had great stuff.    This last minute addition... a plaid thermos... couldn't believe it was still on the table.  Still with the glass liner intact, I've seen them used as vases at picnics, perhaps a barn wedding?

 This is a bonanza.  Yards and yards of fabric.  Some I will use, others (the children's prints) will go to our pillowcase project.
 There are five yards of the stripe.  I rarely find a masculine print suitable for pillowcases.  These will be for my guys.  That funky print from the seventies is going to future DIL Charlotte for their vintage kitchen table.
... not shown, several yards of white muslin. That little floral will be a pillowcase for our bed.

I did save one cut of the Raggedy Ann fabric for sweet p. At Kristen's baby shower she received a throw and doll from my pal Kathy for Penny.  Our little one loves having her own pillow on our bed for sleepovers, and even knows where the new pillowcases are stashed. She's gonna love this one to match her doll and lovely throw.

Hanging out at the sewing table till the bag sale started, I was able to scope out all the notions.  Pinking shears, curved applique scissors, binding, elastic, crochet thread...

 Beautiful hand crocheted lace edgings...
 This heart edge was worked on muslin.  Am I too old to get away with a boho top with lace trim like this?
I have friends that rock the charming look and always think I would like to try.  I always wanted to be a hippy.  I was too young in the sixties, now I might be too old at 60!
All displayed on a ivy and rose covered pillowcase.

 More lace trim...can you imagine the hours and hours of work involved in making this?  I so appreciate all the women who crocheted these tiny stitches for a project that was never completed.  I can really relate to that, said the lady with a lifetime of projects in my house and in my head!
 A stamp set with letters and words, also a flower set.  Three 12x12 sheets of craft paper recipe cards.
 Supplies I like to have on hand and always use.
 The recipe cards.
 I do have a scissor collection, actually my Dad had one on the pegboard in the basement that is now mine.
More lace, six vintage napkins, five yards of fusible interfacing and a Guitar book from the seventies I will send Mike for his studio. Some items were not included in the five dollar bag.  I spent $1 for the napkins and $2 for the lace.  The guitar book was free.

 Closeup of the napkins. A pretty good $5 bag, don't you think?

Has anyone made anything with vintage damask napkins?  There are so many out there and they are lovely.
I've used one as a base for a pillow, guess I'll have to check pinterest for ideas.

Well, as they say, that's all folks.  For now.  The rummage season has just started.;-)  Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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