Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Update

A weekend with summer temps followed by winter's chill, then came the rain...Springtime in Chicagoland.
Last week at the rummage sale I scored some fabric which I put to use.  Most went to our guild for pillowcases. A few have already been cut, hot dogged, sewn and serged.  I saved one cut and made a pillowcase for Penny, and the 70's patterned fabric I sewed into a tablecloth for Charlotte and Jon's vintage kitchen table.
 Great when things get used and shared.
Spring really got a boost with a beautiful 75 degree day on Friday.  We headed to the city and got to pick up our girl for a little visit.  By the time we were headed home on Saturday the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped.
We took the scenic route home, Lake Shore Drive to Sheridan Road for a walk along the Lake.  We were just wearing light jackets over our summer weight shirts. By the time we had walked a block we were cold. By the time we walked to the road near the Lake, we were freezing, fingers painful cold!  The web said it was 43, but it felt like winter!
 We stuck around long enough to take a few photos...
 Never can resist this view...
 We couldn't get in the car fast enough.  Once inside without the wind we were better, but it took a while till I could get some warmth back in my hands.  We came home to a bowl of soup, a quiet house and a early bedtime. Being a Grandma and Grandpa is the best job we've ever had, but sure tires us out.
Sunday was a quiet day.  I planted a spring pot with all the flowers I've collected since Easter.  Don't they look well together?  I borrowed a small fence from a pot in the garden and found a banner Elizabeth gave me last spring.  It looks very welcoming just outside the front door.
The ranunculus is doing so well, such a beautiful flower and so hardy.

We did manage a rummage sale on Saturday with our baby grand.  Penny loved looking at all the toys and choose carefully before making her selections.  I found some fabric, a couple of pieces of crochet lace and a tablecloth.  We were too early for the bag sale, though the little one could have stayed and played all day with the toys.

A cool week ahead, I'll be finishing up a few indoor projects till the days warm and the garden calls.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

You have put some " spring in my step". . .
Lovely spring ride and sites . . . even with the returned chill no doubt!

You must be in grand parent delight having Little P so close by!