Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Update

A happy busy weekend, the first rummage sales of the spring, a sleepover with the baby grand, a broken car, but all in all, a great weekend.

I started out grumpy.  Last week didn't exactly go as planned, but seriously, whatever does.  The weather last week was down right deadly in Illinois.  A horrible tornado destroyed a town just west of us on Thursday..  I can't imagine what the people of Fairdale experienced.  I am no good in spring and summer storms.  I remember my Buscia lighting a holy candle and being terrified through storms when I was young. Buscia must have passed down that fear to me.

When hubby dropped me off at my meeting on Thursday, our truck was giving him trouble. The only good part was that the truck ran well enough the next day to get it to the shop for repairs.  We were driving a rental minivan this weekend, a car I now know is for the young.  Getting into and out of the backseat to sit along our little one was comical. The rise was really too much for this old gal and I am used to a large SUV! Graceful I am not, so I got in as best I could.  At the grocery store I waited until no one was around to climb in to avoid embarrassing myself.
I am getting ahead of myself... So in our uncomfortable minivan we headed to a couple of the first rummage sales of the spring.  The best sales are usually held in a church basement.  There are piles to sift through, and boxes to peruse.  The folks running things are always cheerful and very appreciative for your support.
 The first sale was in beautiful Geneva, IL.  We haven't been there in while, and the beautiful weather and the great company (my husband) made for a good ride.
 The second was in Park Ridge, IL just outside of Chicago.

 Then it was off to pick up our baby girl for our very first trip to Lake Michigan. The city is shaking off the winter. The front yards and parkways are all blooming.
We have been dreaming of taking our small one to the Lake since she was born.  This trip was very special to me because of that.  (OK, that means a few tears were shed!)
With bucket and spoon in hand, the Lake was just a big sandbox next to a play ground. It just could not compete with the playground in our girl's heart. Sweet p. was wary of the water and asked if there were any fish in there... (She had a bad experience at a nature center and a tank of native fish...) Still my little dream came true, and I hope her love for our beautiful Lake Michigan grows as she does.
Grandpa is an excellent playground playmate.  Just when I think I couldn't love him more, he goes and becomes the sweetest grandpa to the sweetest girl.  I just love seeing them together and listening to their conversations.  Just melts my heart.
 After the longest winter these little pops of Spring are a welcome sight.
The garden is calling, with many jobs to tackle before planting starts in May.

You might be wondering if I found any treasures at the sales...well, yes I did.  Check in tomorrow and I'll show you my stash.

Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  I even have a couple of new followers, thanks so much.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Lynne said...

Looking forward to your rummage sale finds . . .
Sounds like fun with your little grand!
I had a bit of a smile thinking of you and the mini van . . .

Debby said...

I wondered how close you were, didn't think that close. So glad you are okay. So sad though. So many lives changed forever.
Little P. Will grow to love the lake. Cute to see grandpas having so much fun. Hugs