Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Update

Is this Spring growing on you?  I mean are you enjoying how slow Spring is revealing itself, at least here in the Great Lakes.  I get reports from Cleveland daily, so I know that they've had snow, cold temps and gloomy days too.  When the sun comes out, so do the colors, the buds and flowers.  When the sun shines the days warm up, if not literally, but warm the spirit.  We enjoyed this weekend with it's many different kinds of weather.
 The blue sky after a couple of windy rainy days was a welcome sight.

 I spent a day remaking this apron.  I made it too large and used binding I made on the straight of the grain.  It just didn't look right.  I was inclined to leave it alone but something made me tear it all apart.  I ironed and recut the pattern a bit smaller and I took the time to cut bias binding.  It made all the difference.
 The bias took the turns beautifully, and I sewed it by hand for the second time.  It took me hours!
I also used french seams but forgot to put the pockets in again.  I am happy with how it came out this time and I will make another.  I will have to wear this often to justify the time I spent getting it right.  I love the old curtains look of it, perfect for a spring event, perhaps a flower sale.
 We did rummage a bit.  Some fabric at .25 a piece.  The Laura Ashley full sized top sheet for a dollar.
 At another sale this pillow cover spoke to me.
 Even more when I got it home and saw my favorite label.
 This is the back fabric.  I didn't pay the 75 cents, since everything was half off.
I had to rescue this embroidered piece for a quarter.  I am always cheered by a bluebird!

We entertained our babygrand and took her to her first Flea Market.  She loved it and looked and walked and touched everything.  She was the only one to make a purchase, a baby boy doll that came in an clear plastic backpack.  Penny had so much fun with the $3 baby. Once home he got a bath and as you know there is no play like water play.  Tea parties, washing dishes and baths are all favorites.  Later Kris and Doug, Jon and Charlotte joined us for dinner and a fire in the yard at dusk.  Penny slept all the way home.
Here's to a happy week.  Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

Hi There. Sounds like you have been busy having fun.
Things here are returning to normal after our big scare last week. You just never know.

Lynne said...

You take the prize for Flea Market finds!
And PATIENCE, oh my, you had to gave it with that apron!
Let's see a pic with you wearing the apron!

Lynne said...

Cross out gave and put have . . .