Monday, May 4, 2015

A May Weekend

 A beautiful weekend weather wise, with happy visits and events.  

 May is bursting everywhere you look.  Seems we waited so very long for Spring. 
 Mother Nature is giving us all she's got.  

 Trees that were bare last week are sporting little green leaves.

 My WIP is this sea and sand  shawl.  A few more rounds and off to 
someone in need of comfort and warmth.
 The highlight of the weekend was seeing my dear niece in a performance of  Willy Wonka.  She is at the far left, and played Charlie, the boy who finds the golden ticket.  I should not have been surprised, but our girl has a beautiful voice.  It was emotional for me to see my niece so poised and confident on stage.  She will graduate from grade school this June, but was once one of my babies.  Another of my nieces will graduate from college as an architect, oh my.  I am so very proud of all our girls.

Climbing Mt. Crumpet

All of the little cousins were able to attend the play.  That was so much fun for them.  They admire the big cousins so much, and Em's performance will only add to the admiration.  We had our babygrand after the performance.  I needed to deliver a gift to a dear friend who was celebrating a birthday.  Penny came along and walked up to the door of my friend's house.  Almost as soon as my friend opened her door, Penny walked into her home and asked, "Where's the cake?" We were delivering a birthday gift, surely there would be cake ;-) I'm still laughing at that one. She is so smart and quick and won't be three for several weeks. Can you believe, THREE?  What a character!

Driving her home on Sunday, Penny fell asleep.  This is how she sleeps in the car seat, legs crossed just chillin' out.  Oh my goodness the love I feel for this girl!

I am a itchy eyed sneezy grandma.  Never one to have problems in the spring, this is something new....
At sixty?  Really?  Anyway, with work to be done in the garden, and a aversion to allergy meds, this will make my gardening interesting...  

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Aren't "grands" just GRAND!