Thursday, May 7, 2015

Walking Into A Fairytale...

 A visit to a friend's home was like walking into a fairytale.  
Robin's trees were drenched in blossoms.  The sweetest pinks and whites.
 They covered the trees like snow.
 I just couldn't stop admiring their beauty...  At times like these I think, How Great Thou Art.
 We've done a little here and there.  My pal Dawn at The Feathered Nest always has ferns on her porch, and they look so good.  The one year I tried it, it looked fresh all summer.  Home Depot had these for just $8.  I brought it home and hung it up.  Just didn't look good in the plastic pot and hanger it came in.  Then I remembered this gift from my dear pals Jean and Tom. The best part about getting a summer gift in the winter is discovering it again.  So cute and colorful, this cover even has a drain on the bottom.  I love the way the entrance to our home looks with this fresh and lively addition.
 I saw a sign for .49 cent geraniums.  We had to stop.  For $6 I got 12 plants.  Violet, Pink and White.  I've got time, all summer in fact to watch them grow.  With two baskets I purchased from our plant sale for our club, I think things will be looking pretty good for summertime.
Yes there is digging going on.  I stated filling the hole where the pond used to be with the contents of every pot and planter I had hanging around the yard.  I had dozens, most I hadn't planted in years.  When I ran out of pots, we bought bags and bags of soil.  It was the easiest way to get all that soil out back.  Now, we are ready for some planting.  I am using just plants we already have that need dividing anyway.  I'll document our might be slow but very satisfying to do it ourselves..  
 The fountain is running again.  The sound of running water in the garden is so soothing.
 We had our first dinner with Al Fresco. :-) After hauling bag after bag of dirt, enjoying dinner outside on a beautiful evening was a just reward.
The lilacs smell divine!

My above mentioned pal Robin happens to be an amazing quilter.  On a recent visit she saw the beginnings of this apron I'm making for Kristen for Mother's Day.  With a 2 minute explanation, she taught me a brand new way to bind.  Remember when I made my apron, it took me 4 hours to hand sewing the binding...well with this method, Robin said I would be done in 37 minutes...and she was right.  It looks so good and went on so fast.  Thank you my friend.  Next apron I'll post how to do it.  It's worth sharing.
 I even learned to make pockets.  I've been sewing for almost 50 years and never made an inseam pocket!
I'm so excited to give this to my dearest most favorite Mom, the mother of my babygrand!  

I am so looking forward to this weekend, being outside with friends and a visit from the kids. 
 Happy Mother's Day to all. 

Thank you so very much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Liked your spring flower projects, water running. Digging in the dirt, ferns, (I agree, great all year long!). I liked your fern container! . . . Apron gift making will be enjoyed by your gal I am sure!

Happy weekend Mother's Day momma P . . .