Friday, May 15, 2015

Circle Garden aka Penny's Garden

 Last year I started this circle garden.  I transplanted some pink cone flowers from out front and they took beautifully.  I just didn't follow through and complete the planting.  This went bad pretty quickly and it became mostly grass and weeds.  So, determined to follow through this time I cleared all the weeds and grass, no small undertaking.  A pitchfork, gloves and time was all it took.  I used four additional bags of topsoil, to fill in what I took out.
Beside the cone flowers were one Queen Anne's Lace and a single violet.  They are staying, just because.
I planted some seashell cosmos, four o'clocks, freesia bulbs, (I bought them at the dollar store, who knows if they'll grow, but their fragrance alone is worth a try.) and a few zinnias.

In the back, Sweet p.and Grandpa will plant  Russian sunflowers.  We did this a few years back with our little bird and it was a great success and so much fun.
Next to power wash the playhouse.  Seems we had a squatter this spring.  There is a paw print of a raccoon on the windowsill, and he left a muddy mess inside.  Cutting back all the trees around the playhouse was a tough job, so glad my hubby took over this hard on the hands task.  Things are really shaping up.  Pots planted...anxious to see how they fill out.  My lavender is the next place to get some TLC, a little grass seed to go down in some bare spots, then I think we are GO for summer!

Dreaming of sunflowers that reach for the sky... Enjoy this beautiful day.


Blondie's Journal said...

The circle garden is such a neat idea, Penny! It's going to be prettier each year!

Jane x

Lynne said...

I like your circle garden idea too . . . Perennials or annuals or both? Maybe add a plant each day for the rest of May???

Nancy's Notes said...

What a sweet idea to have a circle garden! I may have to try that!

Have a great day!