Monday, May 11, 2015

Forget Me Not/Weekend Update

They popped up again, as if to say, forget me not.  As it was Mother's Day on Sunday, I cannot forget to mention my Mother.  I had her for just 30 of my years, and have spent 30 years without her.  I miss her more today than I did back then, not fully appreciating what life without her would be. Mother's Day is always bittersweet for me. Miss you Mom.

This weekend was our annual plant sale for our club.  We work with a local supplier and take orders for a month with pick up the Saturday before Mother's Day.  We sold over 100 hanging baskets and 300 geraniums and impatiens.  We unloaded the truck on Friday.  The temperature was in the 80's and we were sweating as we sorted.  We had two men helping, one little and one big and sweet Judy and myself to take off 5 carts of plants.  My hands are still sore from grabbing all those large brown paper covered hanging baskets/

 The flowers are always so beautiful...we had so many varieties from begonias and bacopa, fuchsia and lantana and the unpronounceable calibrachio...we finally started calling it cowabunga!
 These were all individual plants lining the driveway...My hardworking and oh so wonderful guild sisters.
 Red was a popular color for geraniums.
This is Jane, she organized all our orders, what a help that was. We were setting up at 8am and done by 11! My guild sisters got the job done and a nice profit for our club, which in turn supports all of our service projects.  I am so happy when these events are over!

My Mother's day included a visit to the cemetery, making a large pot of chicken soup, a crock pot of turkey meatballs, and visits from all the kids, including a face time with Mike and Amanda.  Our Sweet p. jumped into my arms and hugged me for a long time when they came to call.  Kris and Doug were happy to have a couple of quiet moments while Grandpa and I played, danced, swung and pretended with our sunshine girl!
Penny even convinced Grandpa that she would stay on the deck since the yard was so muddy.  When I looked out and saw them both on the grass with Penny running around the yard, just made my heart swell with love for them both!  This little one is like a deer, she needs to run, in fact as they were leaving Penny ran a few laps around the tree out front, and we had to catch her to put her into the car.  So much fun...and the goodbye hugs and kisses... ( Penny wanted to stay, but when I told her that I had packed up some soup for home she was finally convinced)  Kris sent me a text from the car, Penny said, "I love Grandma, she's the best."
Thank you Kris, Doug, Penny, Jon Jon and Charlotte, Mike and Amanda for making me feel so loved.  My sweetheart too...  I started the day with him saying, thanks for being the mother of my children!  Sigh... Happy Mother's Day to all!

Enjoy this beautiful day.


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Beautiful Penny . . .
"You are the best!"

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