Friday, May 22, 2015

Oh Dave, I miss you already...

My go to project, a corner to corner afghan, shawl?...time will tell.
I tried yesterday to make a heartfelt post about David Letterman's last show.  I couldn't download a photo...the quotes I wanted to use have disappeared from my Ipad.  Is this what life is like after Dave?
These last few weeks of goodbyes on the Late Show were sad and funny.  Norm McDonald's goodbye had me weeping, Julia Robert's kiss from Dave had me swooning.  I think the hard part is how young we all were when Dave started out...It's a shock to be watching someone forever young in our minds and hearts retire.
I am grateful for the many nights of pure joy, the great music(oh Paul), the silly guests and for Dave who changed the whole landscape of late night TV.  Sending out wishes for good health and happiness to Dave and his family.  I'll miss you Ace!
lemon chip cookies
 Baking for my service night, (that I never made it to...) and for my niece Tracy's birthday and for Penny's birthday.
 The chocolate foundation layers...
 The "dress" cake, and yes it is blue! Wish me luck on this one.
 Made Tracy (the Mom of our little bird and baby bug) a lemon blueberry bundt,
 Dressed it up with a glaze and sprinkles.
I couldn't even take a photo of a photo and get it to turn out right. My world is a little off kilter right now, the creature of habit that I am... Oh Dave, I miss you already!

Have a great holiday weekend my friends.  Drive safely, and enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

Great post . . ,
ACE was the perfect word . . .
Norm McDonald had me in tears too!
We think alike Miss P . . .
LOVE YOU . . .