Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Update, Proud Aunt Edition

A wet weekend, at least some was wet, most just threatening skies.  Things have sure greened up around here.  Some aerial views, not by drone but by second story window of our little piece of English Valley.  
 The lilacs are amazing and all the transplants are doing well.
 The last bit of back breaking work to finish before the big holiday weekend.
 This long legged girl will be soon turning three.  It's really high when Grandpa gives you a piggy back ride! .We had a great visit and attended the graduation party of cousin Amy.
Seems like yesterday when sweet Amy was three.  Now, she was just received a degree after 5 years of study to be a architect.  In my world of cherished nieces and nephews,  I am so proud to have had  shared so many happy hours with each of them.  To see them grow up to be kind, loving and still happy to see old Auntie Penny does my heart good! ...And SMART, did I mention smart? ;-)
This one, there are no words.  Can you believe she'll be Three!  The last 5 months since she's been close have been magical.  Our babygrand makes everything special.  A trip to the grocery with sweet p., a walk around the block are now filled with wonder and joy.  A Frozen party is in the planning , with a cake Grandma hopes will knock her socks off!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments, they mean so much to me. Take care my friends and enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

It has been rainy here as well. Very rainy.
Congratulations to your sweet niece. What an accomplishment.
Little P. is growing. 3 is such a fun age. I know how it is when they move back home. Even though my littles keep me busy, I love every minute of it. It's so nice that I can and am able to help out my big kids.
Can't wait to see what you do for the party. I saw a cute Frozen party a awhile back but can't remember where. Hugs

Lynne said...

I am SO happy for your HAPPY . . .
Enjoy these golden days with that precious three year old.