Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Update/Frozen Birthday Edition

Yes our sweet babygrand turned three and requested a Frozen party at Grandma and Grandpa's house. With a few weeks of gardening behind us, setting the stage for Sweet p's third birthday was fun.  We put up the canopy and hung dozens of snowflakes.  We ordered from our local "fancy pants" grocery,  pizza and chicken tenders... (Local girls, Mariano's) Grandma made a giant pan of mac and cheese, all of the birthday girl's favorite foods.
 Some colorful tablecloths, balloons and a birthday banner and we were ready for our girl.
 Penny was so excited, thrilled with all the little touches that I knew she would love.  After all she is MY granddaughter! ;-)
 I waited till the youngsters came to have them carry out all the chairs...I'm learning.
 Here she is in all her glory the Elsa Cake.  Snowflakes hide many imperfections.  Penny reaction was OMG, with a gasp!
 Penny dressed as her favorite character Elsa, she was radiant.

Let's just say the blue cake was not as well received as the chocolate foundation layers, my death by chocolate recipe with cream cheese frosting.  It was the perfect day, glorious weather and our closest family making it a  very happy day all around.

THEN...  As the party was wrapping up I thought it would be great to take down the tent as long as we had so much help.(we put the tent up with just the two of us)  I went to the garage to get the storage bag for the tent and a pair of scissors to cut down all the snowflakes.  As I was leaving the garage a shovel fell with the handle right at my feet, but my forward momentum was such that I tripped and landed hard on my knees on the concrete floor.  I was in so much pain I thought I wouldn't be able to get up.  I figured they would look for me eventually, but being stubborn, I got up.  Everything seemed to be working.  As soon as my daughter saw me she knew something was wrong.  She came up to the deck and put her arms around me,  Soon we were laughing and crying.

Fast forward to Monday.  The kids were all coming for Memorial Day.  I am just starting to feel like I can walk comfortably.  We go to the store, I get in the checkout line and my phone rings.  The kids spun out on a wet on ramp on the highway and blew out two tires.  Everyone was fine, shook up but OK.  We headed to pick them up while AAA took care of the car.  Thank God everyone was OK, they didn't get hit and we were close by. Seems like when it rains it pours. Oi Vey! We still managed to have a nice dinner and evening together and a uneventful ride home listening to the oldies. Love those kids so much!

Now it's Tuesday.  My left knee is Technicolor, my right is sore but not as bruised. I am doing stairs and walking.  Determined to keep going since walking to me is my exercise, my head clearing, mood lifting activity.  I can park my carcass with the best of them, but don't tell me to sit down...I get testy! Sorry honey.

A quiet and short week.  Let the rains come. The gardens look great and my work outdoors is almost done.
Thanks so much for stopping by and for all of your kind comments.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Debby said...

The party was perfect. I love the cake. I did one similar for my daughter when she was little. I haven't seen one done for a long time.
OMG about your fall. It is probably good it was the handle that hit you, not the end. Not good about your knees. They take time to heal. These crazy little falls happen so quickly and when we least expect it. I don't think you could even prevent them from happening if you tried.
I'd love to see that sweet girl's face but I understand.
We had a very quiet week-end just because we needed that time.

Lynne said...

Perfect party for Little "Frozen Fan" Miss P . . .
Now . . . The knee fall, not good . . . Are you sure you are ok?
And the kids, slide out, tire blow outs . . . YIKES!
I need daily updates on you Granny P . . .