Monday, July 13, 2015

A Good Weekend...

Things are a bloomin' here in the Valley.  This sunflower plant was a gift from my friend Jane, raised from seed in a raisin carton.  Penny and I planted it back in our circle garden.  The bees are loving all the blooms.
 My visiting Monarch keeps coming back to the milkweed.
 It's a male, but I hope to have a female come and lay some eggs and raise a new flutter of butterflies.
I tried sharing my bumper crop of Annabelles with the neighborhood.  Not much foot traffic on a Sunday but a few were taken.

We visited several garage sales, one Christmas in July sale that was only Christmas decorations, (I could seriously have my own sale with all I already have ;-) and visited the thrift.  I found some great books, one by Tricia Foley.  It's called The Natural Home: Living the Simple Life.  Right up my alley.  Several other books that I fancied including James Beard on Bread, Cottage Style...

...and some instructional booklets and an Ideals.  Ideals are filled with poetry and beautiful photos and inspirational quotes and stories. I have quite a few.

 This pepper shaker in happy green glass.
 Some fabric.
My favorite find, a parson's chair.  I've had several slipcovers but have never seen a chair that I would bring home. (You know, the soiled fabric you wouldn't dare bring into your home.) This one is faux leather underneath, but easily cleaned and a perfect fit for my slipcover.  The price was right at $5 and honey easily tightened the legs on this well made chair..(The scrim was attached with Velcro for easy access to the leg hardware.)

We had a family birthday dinner for our little bird, who is seven years old.  A little bird no more.  It was the first birthday party that Penny could attend of her cousin.  We filled a large wading pool for the girls and they really enjoyed themselves. Then the mosquitoes came out and chased us indoors. All in all a good weekend.

Storms woke us this morning and more storms are predicted for this afternoon.  I hope to get some sewing and crafting done in the cool of the house.  Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kindness.  That you take the time to visit and read what I have to say here is amazing to me and I appreciate each and every visit. ;-)  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lynne said...

We are the Annabelle gals aren't we . . .
Isn't it a lovely time of the year . . . such plenty!
What fun to have Little P and her cousins playing right in your back yard!
Great sale finds . . ,