Monday, July 6, 2015

Making Dreams Come True

We had a happy holiday weekend, with a cookout on the third with the family.  Our girl Penny came and stayed for the weekend.  This is where the dreams come in.  See, every year we'd be at the fireworks and make a video to send off to Penny in New York.  Someday, she would be with us, and what seemed like an dream is now our reality.  We saw not one but two fireworks displays together and attended our very first parade in our town.  (We've now lived here 21 years and this was the first time we attended.)
Hometown Pride!  We live in a great town, and everyone came out to celebrate Independence Day.
One of my Guild Sisters was marching, and I screamed like a teenager, Theresa!  I was waving and laughing and really getting into it.  Of course I had a lump in my throat when the vets came by...  Did you know that the Shriners now drive segways and wear helmets instead of fezzes!?  I guess it's been a while since I was at a parade.
We were met by the cousins, reason enough for a celebration.  Penny loved the big animal costumes but wanted nothing to do with all the candy treats thrown by the people on the floats.  (foreshadowing...).

Polish ingenuity.  I often think, what would Martha do?  (She wouldn't have thought twice about buying a second flagpole, but since I paid .99 for the flag I couldn't justify spending 20.00 for a new pole!)
 It was a great weekend weather wise
 The garden is so pretty in July.
I did do a little decorating, and it was appreciated by the small one, exactly why I decorated.

Now for those squeamish, skip this part...

This is just for the record books.  Kris was sick on Thursday (She thought it might be food poisoning), but came to the festivities.  It was the beginning of the take down of the entire little family.  Next Doug went down and then Penny.  She was "barfing" all day on Sunday.  The strange thing is that after each barf, Penny was fine, dancing, jumping on Grandma and Grandpa's bed, climbing trees, taking walks.  What a trooper! Penny's week started out with a 103 degree fever and a ear infection, so getting this bug  was the capper to a heck of a week.  The good news, this morning the little family is much better and Grandma and Grandpa are hoping to avoid this particular family misfortune.

All in all, a good, safe holiday.  Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Lynne said...

Gotta love a parade with a "grand" whenever possible . . .
I liked her red, white and blue dress!
Sorry about the "crud bug!"
Hope it doesn't find its way to you . . .
(Sending you an email too!)