Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pinterest Inspires

My favorite thing about Pinterest is finding something that inspires me enough to get me going and do something right NOW!  Sometimes it's just seeing something and knowing I can do that, or I never thought of that!    That just what happened to me last week when I saw a bubble gum machine filled with buttons. I've had a gumball machine in my garage since we moved in 21 years ago.
It's been sitting on a self, just waiting for the day my tall and handsome husband would reach to the highest shelf and bring it down to me.  I took it apart to clean it, not sure I could put it back together.  The most amazing part of this story is that my SIL Elizabeth borrowed the lock at the top of this machine years ago, and then returned it to me.  I have had this lock on my dresser for years, meaning to put it back on the machine in the garage, not wanting to lose it.  Miracle of miracles, it was still in a safe place when I needed it to assemble it back together again.  Call the Guinness people...that never happens to me!
 With a quick coat of chalk paint and filled with all the creamy buttons I could find...a treasure from my children's childhood has a new life.
 I think I need more buttons! ;-)
I also saw this on Pinterest.  Hubby had this jar in his office and kindly shared it with me.  I've been collecting crochet thread for a while, it is my cultural heritage.  After looking up this term to see if I was using it correctly, I found out I am a Preservationist!  (Not just a junk collector after all.;-) I did this for no good reason except that it made me happy.  Reason enough.
Speaking of making me happy, Elizabeth picked up her grand daughters carrying these lovely blooms for me. I carried yellow roses on my wedding day, so they have a special place in my heart.
This flower is so interesting...Elizabeth was not sure what it was...

and these orchids!  These flowers are what's left at the end of the day at the floral shop Elizabeth works at.
With days of pleasure still in these flowers, Elizabeth rescues them to share and enjoy.  Thanks Betty!

With a grateful heart today and everyday, I wish you something simple that will make you happy too!

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments and friendship. Enjoy this beautiful day.


Melanie said...

How cute is that gumball machine - how you redid it? You are just too clever. And I love the look of the crochet thread in that beautiful jar. Blessings and love to you, my dear friend. {{hugs}}

Lynne said...

No there is a nice friend . . . someone who works in a floral shop and brings you the discards . . .
And I love it about Roses because you can take the outside petals off when they start to get brown edges and the Rose springs back into a new life.

Just like Penny's gum ball machine . . . new life and such a CUTE idea . . .
You are a preservationist indeed!
(So much better than junk collector . . . don't you think!)

Elizabeth Czarkowski said...

It's called scabiosa. It all of a sudden came to me, that was last week and I forgot to tell you 😀😍🌺