Monday, July 27, 2015

Working Weekend

A drive to Woodstock on Friday interrupted my sweetheart's working weekend.  He works and works till he can't see straight then suddenly says, "Let's get out!"  I read about a rummage sale to benefit a HS Theatre group from a friend on Facebook.  We enjoyed being on stage, rummaging through some cool stuff. It might have been the drama teacher who followed us around. " Did you put that back?  No, you have to take it!"  It was all in fun and as a patron of the arts we happily  purchased a few things.  For me, mostly craft related stuff.  My honey found some cool electronic related thing-a-ma-bobs.

Saturday was once more a work day, again with a mental health break.  This time for iced coffee and a trip to a thrift.  I found these round place mats, a really pretty doily, a Ralph Lauren skirt sized 8...let's just say I'd need two to have it fit me, but oh the fabric is beautiful! The candle is from the sale on Friday.
 Something about quilted place mats.  I've made so many things from them in the past.
 Machine made but unique.
 Just love this fabric...a pillow, apron, a thin SIL...I've got four!
 A cute dress for my girl who loves dresses.

A ride to the Lake was a mistake.  The same road to the Lake is also the road to Ravinia.  The Doobie Brothers were playing a sold out show and we were stuck in traffic near the Botanic Gardens.
When we got to the Lake there was no parking.  Still, my honey loves to drive and we found a new route home.  He cleared his head as we discussed his project.  

Sunday was gloomy and quiet.  I crocheted a border on a throw for Guild and listened to music good and loud, because I can.  We had visitors for dinner, Jon and Charlotte and a facetime with Kris and Penny and Mikey called all at the same time.  I call that a hat trick!  Does this Mom's heart good.

I forgot to mention that the 25th was the 41st anniversary of my honey asking me to marry him.  I said NO! We knew each other exactly 2 months at that point, and though I loved him from first sight, I though he might be crazy or on drugs.  Within 2 years and 6 days we were married, so it all worked out! ;-)  Lucky me!

Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Belated Happy Anniversary! I had to laugh about Ravinia. We had tickets to hear Rob Thomas last weekend on Saturday, but the weather called for tornado warnings, flood watches, thunderstorms, so we didn't go (and lost $$$$!) And guess what? It cleared up just in time for the show! We still had our picnic, together in the basement while we watched a movie sans kids! Love to hear about your thrifting adventures! Can't believe how fast the summer's flying by...