Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekend Update Tuesday Edition

 The blooming of the cone flowers is at it's peak...
 and the Queen Anne's Lace that I let grow out front makes me so very happy.

During a storm a Robin's nest fell onto the deck. The nest still had the remains of a beautiful turquoise egg. Since we had company for the week, our Penny, everything was so much more exciting and fun.
 Even the Easter Lilies burst into bloom.
We spent our days exploring.  The park, a museum, shopping, eating, snuggling, dancing, singing and our favorite videos.  Penny happens to love John Denver and the Muppets, and her new favorite song is Grandma's Feather Bed.  I can't tell you how happy this makes me. We talked about how handsome I thought John Denver was.   Penny reminded me that he is not as handsome as Grandpa!
 At the museum she took over the small log cabin and asked me to leave!  Then she invited me back for chili.  She's got my imagination times 10, and let me tell you, mine is VIVID!  What a joy to see the world all new again through her eyes.
Handsome Grandpa and  pretty Penny playing checkers at the museum.
The lovely grounds surrounding the museum...as a Mastodon walks nearby.  They roamed Lake County back when Grandma was young! ;-)
This is a sculpture, not a real tree, but shows how Native Americans marked trails by bending trees.  There are still examples of these marker trees in our area.
Eating pizza, putting together puzzles, walking around the block, everyday is happier and more fun with our girl around. Kris landed from her trip to NY just as the skies opened up on Saturday.  The highway was flooding and the lighting was striking all around us as we made our way to the airport.  I was terrified, Penny held my hand and thought the whole thing was an adventure. What a girl!

Monday, I spent the day with my two nieces. Never a dull moment with these energetic and wonderful sisters.  When we face timed Penny later, she said, Oh, I missed it!  You see, every time with the cousins is a event and we couldn't manage to see them while Penny was here.  Now Grandma/Auntie Penny needs a few days off!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Such fun you are having with your little Penny grand . . .
What a difference a year makes . . .
( I liked her telling you to leave and then inviting you back for chili . . . smile!)
Oh my, the imagination she has!

Debby said...

Love hearing about your fun with Little P.
We have been working time to be spent with our local 4. I see two of them a lot but not the other ones. They are off and about in the summer since both parents are teachers. Grandchildren time, showings, and my mom have me exhausted.
Have fun.