Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dedicated to the One I Love


Sorry I have been so busy with Grandmothering that I have had little time to write. 
 I wrote this draft weeks ago but never hit publish since 
I was so sad and had such mixed feelings about Tyke's Bench.

 On October 3rd under the light of the Harvest Moon,
 we dedicated this bench at the 
Hamilton Reservoir, in Palatine. Illinois 
in loving memory of Tyke.

Penny cut the ribbon, as Kristen, Doug, 
Jon, Charlotte, Stevie. Irene, 
Mike, Amanda and I looked on.

We waited so long for the bench and plaque to be installed.  I started the process just a couple of months after losing my dearest.  Weather, delays, and finally Covid kept it from being installed.  I visited the Reservoir often, but no bench.  Then I sent a email to our Park District to see if we had any hopes of having it installed this year, and they replied that it had been installed just the day before!

I had the girls with me as I read the email.  I got them in the stroller and we walked over to see it.
There were people already sitting on❤❤ the bench.  I tearfully waited nearby, then asked if they would mind if I could sit down and explained why.  They were kind and left us to Tyke's Bench.  I can't even explain the mix of emotions.  Grief first of all.  The reason we had the bench was because I didn't have Tyke. I was  pleased with the location of the bench, and the bench itself.  Blue was the color of Tyke's truck, and I loved Tyke in the color blue.  I teased that it brought out the blue in his eyes.  His eyes were brown and soulful.

 This pic was on our next visit.  

This is Penny on her first visit.

Our Program. Penny rang Grandpa's serenity bell.  Charlotte read All is Well, a beautiful story about loss and life.  We listened to Andrea Bocelli and his son Mateo sing Fall on Me. Amanda read the words I included here.  Penny cut the ribbon on the bench and we listened and laughed to Shine on Harvest Moon sung by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  Tyke would sing this song and howl at the Harvest Moon and make dogs in the neighborhood howl and bark along.

We cried and laughed and the babies squirmed until we set them free to run in the field.  

Shine on Tyke.  

"We talk about them. not because we're stuck or
 because we haven't moved on, but we talk about them
 because we are theirs,
and they are ours,
and no passage of time
will ever change that."

Author Unknown

We are gratefully all well.  
The girls are growing, talking, singing and are my constant companions.
Penny is doing well in remote learning and my gang is my saving grace.
Everyone is working, Charlotte is doing well in her studies.
The house is rarely quiet,  never empty.
My Sister In Law Elizabeth is comforted by her family and we were able to 
have a fire with s'mores and apple cake and cider when  her girls were in town.
Things are very different.  Tyke and Greg were a big important part of our families, 
and they are deeply missed by us all.
Life seems to be in a holding pattern, but in fact, goes on.
We have each other and the best possible memories.
Love lives on in our hearts forever.

Thank you if anyone is reading.
I want to write, just hard to do  right now.

Hope you are all well and hope you can find something beautiful in today.

Love, Penny


LEfting said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband. Your love for him shines through with every word. The bench is wonderful!

Suzan C said...

A wonderful tribute. So glad you are back on the blog.

Eileen in Fla. said...

Thank you for sharing your love and loss with us. You inspire.

Lynne said...

You write beautifully . . .
Tears do not fall from my eyes often . . .
Not sure why “tears “ today from me
(well, in part your message and thinking of you
and wishing Tyke was still here,
yet feeling his presence in this beautiful memorial bench.)

Loving this So True message.

Shine on Tyke.

"We talk about them. not because we're stuck or
because we haven't moved on, but we talk about them
because we are theirs,
and they are ours,
and no passage of time
will ever change that."

Author Unknown

Melanie said...

What a beautiful bench and tribute to Tyke. God bless you.