Friday, March 5, 2021

My Blogaversary 11 Years!

Sure I've only posted a couple of times this year but don't the previous years count? I only remembered about this anniversary because of a post that came up in my memories on Facebook.  Yes 11 years ago when I was a naive 55 year old I started this blog.  It was a brave and adventurous thing to do for me back then. 

 It was so much fun, making friends and having my techy hubby in the office next to mine.  My security blanket in the brave new world of blogging.  So much has changed.  I have changed.  I could say that the world has made me jaded. but that that would be untrue. I still am curious, full of wonder and  happy most days.  On others I am brokenhearted. lonely and full of memories.  Honestly, the memories are 99 percent good and happy.  There is that one percent where I dare not go.  Maybe will never be able to face.

For now my days are filled with giggles and fun.  Not unlike my days with my dearest.  We laughed all the time, and my girls make me laugh hard each and every day.  They are learning by leaps and bounds.  Their vocabularies grow by the hour.

I had to abandon my daily walk because of our constant snow cover, and the strength it takes to push almost 60 pounds of  stroller with the girls on board is more than this old girl could handle.  I feel my creaky bones yell OILCAN!  If it were only that easy!


I make dates with myself to have some time to think and remember.  Now that spring is at our doorstep and I have had my first shot of the vaccine the world will start to open up again.  I miss my extended family and my friends.  I miss thrifting.  Silly, because I don't want for anything.  It's just some thing I really enjoy doing.  There is so much I want to share with the girls.  They will be two in a week!    Missing my time to write but  loving my job as Ma, watching Mo and Dan Dan and dancing to our songs.  Life is good.  I am good, life goes on.  

Thanks for stopping by, keep safe and find happiness 
whenever you are able. Thank you for your kindness.

Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Suzan C said...
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Suzan C said...
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Suzan C said...

So glad you are back. I missed you!

Our Hopeful Home said...

I always loved to read your blog posts, Penny! You certainly had a charmed life and you STILL have a charmed life! Family is everything (as you know). I'm dealing with the fact that my baby (who was 5 years old at the Easter Egg hunt)is graduating from HIGH SCHOOL in May. He will probably go to Illinois Institute of Technology (Or Univ. of Michigan which is 5 hours away!!!) I will truly melt into a puddle when we leave our last child at college this fall. You, my friend, are still so young and have so many years to explore and enjoy. I'm game to meet for a day of thrifting ANY TIME! AS you know, it brings me joy. too:) xo Kahty

Melanie said...

So good to see another blog post from you, Penny! And happy blogging anniversary! It's hard to believe that's how we met in real life ~ through blogging! Oh, how I know what you mean about being happy and content most days, but there's other days that aren't so good. Or there's that 1% place you just don't want to go again. Of course, our circumstances are different but I still know the general feelings.

Hard to believe your little granddaughters will be two already. Time really flies.

I hadn't been thrifting or vintage shopping in a long time. Really not even because of Covid, but more because there is not a darn thing that I need. I'm consciously trying not to bring more "stuff" into this house and instead, donate the accumulation that we do have. However, I did break down and go to two shops this past weekend as part of the Vintage Shop Hop that was going on. I stopped into "our" Goodwill (the one you and I have met at in the past) back in January when I was in that area. I hadn't been in there in almost a year. I as disappointed to find that it's still mostly junk. Remember how nice it used to be? It's now more like garage sale cast offs that didn't sell. So maybe it'll make you feel better to know you're not missing anything. ;-)


Lynne said...

Wonderful to see/hear your post.
Oh my life has certainly changed for you tremendously.
The little girls seem to have brought you a bright spot
in the midst of your “new life. They are adorable!
I loved the pictures of them in their painting time with you on Facebook.
Tyke would have loved this “life chapter” wouldn’t he.

I mentioned you recently in a post I did.
Stop by if you can.
Hugs and love . . .