Thursday, February 3, 2011

Digging Out!

It was an all day affair, and I still haven't seen my car under the drifts. Late in the day the plows came through. We were able to get Mike's car out of the driveway, and my husband's truck. It is so darn beautiful, with snow sticking to every surface...but not just on one side, on every side. The high winds sent the snow in every direction. A smiling husband is a blessing on a day like this.
Both sides of my trumpeting angel wind chime were covered...
as well as this twirly thing. Mother Nature is awesome!
This rocker is protected from the elements by an roof, but you'd never know it. 360 degrees of snow! This digging out is gonna take a while. Today the sun is shining, and it's brilliant reflecting off the snow. The temperature won't get above 10 degrees today. I need to do some work inside, the snow will still be there tomorrow... Maybe till April! Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Anne Marie... said...

we are still stuck Penny....can you believe it? those drifts are what got us........

stay warm!!